Shielded Mates Volume 1

A Guardians of Chaos Duet

Shielded Mates Volume 1: A Guardians of Chaos Duet
The Guardians of Chaos have sworn a vow to keep magic free. Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, will finding their mates be the tie that binds, or will it weaken their cause?

Wolf Shield
After an unexpected attack, human Fergie discovers the world of the paranormal — and winds up in the middle of a supernatural battle. As she awakens wolf shifter Hudson’s wild desires, can he keep her safe and claim her as his mate?
Dragon Shield
After centuries of being trapped, witch Holley is at last awakened by dragon shifter Kingston. She knows they are fated mates, but as they join forces in the fight against evil, she must thaw the soldier’s heart to fulfill their shared destiny… Can he forgive himself long enough to fall in love?

Enjoy this series of duets exclusively in paperback with new discreet covers.