Shielded Mates Volume 3

A Guardians of Chaos Duet

Shielded Mates Volume 3: A Guardians of Chaos Duet
The Guardians of Chaos have sworn a vow to keep magic free. Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, will finding their mates be the tie that binds, or will it weaken their cause?

Witch Shield
She’s on a mission to prove magic exists. He has to change her mind.
What happens when a Witch falls for a feisty normal bent on outing the single most vital secret in the known universe?
Vampire Shield
Byram Evers is the only Vampire known to have sided with the Guardians of Chaos. His Alpha sends him to investigate the mystery behind the magic bloodletting epidemic, and the trail leads Byram back to his former Clan. Back to her.

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