Co-written with the incredible P. Mattern


The Fairchild triplets Olivia, Esme and Agatha have earned a scholarship to the MAGNIFICO FINISHING SCHOOL FOR MAGICAL ARTS, but these witches keep havin’ glitches!

Hidden from street view yet occupying several acres of prime real estate in the heart of Manhattan, a powerful centuries old spell keeps the towering silver spires and majestic structure from being viewed by “ORDS” aka “Ordinarius “ -the non-magical population.

Determined to win high honors, they have a history of mixing up spells with sometimes hilarious and sometimes dangerous results!

On their best behavior, and with their mutually shared and adored BFF Audra, and her brother Melvin, they plan to please Uncle Rufus, their doting Guardian, and achieve the kind of excellence in the Magic Arts that would have made their parents proud!

Friendly feuding and frolicking abound in this tale of magical mischief!

Popular Tropes

Witch Academy, Mysterious Secrets, Magical Shenanigans, Spells Gone Awry

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These three young witches are hilarious but they are honest, hard-working, and are trying to do whatever they can to keep their uncle happy. He took them in after the death of their parents, and by the grace of good grades, they got into a top-notch finishing school for the magical arts. However, these three are anything but top-notch.” -Bookbub Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Well, where to start! I’m 100% a huge life fan of C.D. Gorri, so I will read any book from her. This is my first time reading anything from P. Mattern. I know this was a collaboration and I think it was very well done. This isn’t my normal kind of book that I read but like I said I will always support one of my favorite authors Gorri. So when I saw that she was teaming up to write this book I decided to check it out. These triplets were something else! I know this was a YA title and there were some strong themes here lol but it was also watered down and it was very funny. The sibling rivalry these girls had had me shaking my head with laughter. Like I said, this isn’t the kind of book I read but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a throwback to Hogwarts, so if you like magic and witchcraft and teenage shenanigans you’ll like this book…” -Bookbub Reviewer

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