G’Witches 2

The Harpy Harbinger

Co-Written with the amazing P. Mattern

Once conquered, your fears can become your greatest source of strength.

As a new year begins at the Magnifico Finishing School For Magical Arts, Olivia, Esme and Agatha are looking forward to learning new spells and making their Guardian Uncle Rufus burst his buttons with pride.

New friends meet, old relationships are tested, and the Fairchild triplets discover the true meaning of sisterhood. But a storm is coming, and none of them are prepared for the epic heartache at the loss for which they will suffer.

On top of all that, the Magnifico School will play host for one entire semester to The Little Disciples, an all-boy school of Witchcraft that focuses on what they term “Gray Magic”.

They have a reputation for crossing the line into the Darker Practice of Witchcraft, and their differing philosophy could become a source of contention. Especially given the attitude of their student body President, Vincent DeMarrow.

Join the G’Witches for yet another round of intrigue, side splitting Magic, and Mayhem!

Popular Tropes

Witch Academy, Mysterious Secrets, Magical Shenanigans, Spells Gone Awry

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The three sisters are back in session at the academy. And they once again find themselves in a big pickle or bug should I say? These girls typically are happy go lucky, and handle things with some sense but mess with one and you bring on all and that includes messing with their pets. Dot… And Esme will give you what she deems appropriate punishment.” -Bookbub Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The triplets are back at witch school and plan to make their uncle proud. Things do not go as planned as a group from another school are also there and they cause turmoil and tension. The girls keep it steady but when something happens to one of them, you had better watch out as the others will happily deal out the punishment. The characters keep getting better with backstories and determination. The storyline is faster paced as they have so much to deal with this time while having both fun and indecision. The hijinks, drama, surprises and twists keep the pages turning as you are hooked right from the start. Such a fun, entertaining read. Can not wait for the next term.” -Bookbub Reviewer

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