Sneak Peek…

Hey all! I have a little snippet from Stallion Shield to share with you. Hope you enjoy it <3:

Stallion Shield

It was too late to close the floodgates now. Need pulsed through him, and he took in a deep breath. Sucking air greedily into his lungs, swallowing down Jessenia’s fresh basil scent. It tickled his senses, teased him with promises of passion and joy, and before he could stop himself, he lowered his head.

“Furio,” she whispered his name, but she was pulling him closer too.

The action meant something. It just had to, right? He felt the growl build up inside his chest, and his lips came crashing down onto hers.

Holding on to his self-control by a thread, Furio claimed Jessenia’s mouth with all the pent-up passion he’d been saving for her for months now. The world seemed to tilt on its axis, and fuck if he didn’t hear the tide turn from all the way out there, deep in the Pine Barrens.

Kissing Jessenia was addictive, and yet it wasn’t what he’d been meaning to do. Their shared kiss was not the soft, fairytale whisper he’d wanted to give her. It wasn’t patient, or calm, or kind. No, it was like him, rough around the edges, demanding, and a little unrestrained.

They collided like two opposing forces, and the result was a phenomenon unlike any other. Like light and dark, refined and raw, soft and hard. She was his perfect counterpart. As if she’d been waiting for this moment too, she sighed and melted into him.

Jessenia’s throat vibrated with her moan as she accepted his kiss, and even more astounding, kissed him back. Furio’s body hummed with anticipation, and barely restrained power as he continued to test and seek out her lips.

Encouraged by the not so small fact she hadn’t slapped his face, he pushed his tongue inside the hot cavern of her mouth. Testing, tasting, pushing his advantage until he felt the tiny pricks of her nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders. But still, she was not pushing him away. That fact had his blood singing in his veins. If anything, his piccolina was dragging him even closer.

“Come here,” he growled, lifting her up until she wrapped her legs around his waist.