Sneak Peek of Falcon’s Heart

Please note this is unedited and parts may be altered as the book gets polished…

The car was a beauty. Highly polished black paint glittering in the afternoon sun, but it was the famous hood ornament that caught her eye. The shiny silver lady dubbed the Spirit of Ecstasy was truly magnificent and without realizing it, Annabeth had walked up to the small object, reaching out a hand reverently.

“Stop,” a deep voice said.

Annabeth halted. Eyes caught in the gleam of the Rolls Royce limousine’s headlights, she growled softly.

“The hood will be hot,” the same voice warned, and the vibrations of that deep, husky sound seemed to stroke along the exposed skin of her arms and legs.

For some reason, Annabeth wore a sleeveless blouse in a deep red color and a pencil skirt for her trip. She felt feminine, pretty, and for some reason that had been important to her today. The owner of that sultry voice stepped around the car, and her lips parted slightly.

Now, that was a man. Tall with wide shoulders, he wore a dress shirt and jacket, neatly pressed slacks and black leather shoes. He looked professional, clean cut, and so damn cute she almost sighed.

Short light brown hair with silver threaded through just at his temples gave him a sophisticated air, but she could tell despite all his finery, the man was lethal. Deadly. And fine as fuck.

“Miss Golden?”

“Yes,” she nodded as he came around to stand just in front of her.

“I’m Hank Garret,” he seemed to purr, and for a moment she thought he might be a Lion like her.

Then she took a deep breath and realized she was wrong. He was not a Lion, but he was something alright.

I’m yours. His words over the phone earlier that morning replayed in her head, and she found herself nodding. He was hers. Her mate. OMG. Mrs. Wilder had done it!

Smiling widely, she moved closer to him. Wanting to touch, to taste, to vault into her arms. But he sidestepped her, opting for her luggage instead of the embrace she was hoping for.

“Are these yours?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “So, you know Gerri Wilder?”

Annabeth waited while he loaded the trunk of the beautiful vehicle. Maybe her mate was shy. That was okay. She could be that way too sometimes. And to be honest, this was all kind of overwhelming.

“She is my aunt,” he clarified.

“I see,” Annabeth smiled again.

Her heart was pounding furiously inside her chest. She couldn’t believe it was going to be this easy. But something was off. Why wasn’t he gathering her up in his arms and laying claim like she so desperately wanted to do?

Arousal spiked through her blood. Annabeth waited for him to close the trunk. When he did, she was more than ready. Time seemed to slow down as his cobalt eyes pinned hers with an intensity so hot, she thought she might burn to a crisp. Warmth filled her, and moisture pooled between her thighs.

“I can’t believe she managed to set this up after only one day. Your Aunt Gerri is a wizard,” Annabeth purred, boldly invading his space.

He smelled good. Like a spring breeze, and freshly laundered clothes. It was arousing and addictive. She wanted more. Her Lioness chuffed, begging her for a closer sniff. She wanted to rub her fur on him, to mark him with her own musk.

Every instinct pushed her towards him. There was no patience or fear. No foolish trepidation or self-doubt. This was right. He was right.

She felt it in the way her stomach flipped, chest squeezed, and her nipples tightened beneath the silk and lace confection she’d daringly donned that morning. Her own sex warmed and grew slick just being near the gorgeous, neat as a pin, man.

Oooh, she was definitely going to do something about his perfectly combed hair, and unrumpled appearance. He was so clean, so neat.

Oh yeah, Annabeth was so going to love getting him good and dirty. She licked her lips, waiting for his invitation.

Screw it, she thought. Why wait? He was hers. Had said so himself. Then she did the one thing she’d been dying to do since she saw the man.

She jumped on him.

Mine. Rawr.