Unedited excerpt from Claiming His Virgin Mate

Fucking hell. He fisted his hand and punched a hole through the glass, effectively breaking the pane just above the knob. He’d just finished breaking away the remaining glass so he could reach inside unscathed, when suddenly, he was covered in something sticky and wet.

“What the?” he growled, then stopped before the sludge could enter his mouth.

When he found the person who’d slimed him, Alex was gonna tear the dude a new one.


“Maggie! Maggie! I got him!” a voice overhead screamed, and his Shifter’s eyes zeroed in on the tiny young female holding an overturned container.

“Take that, you asshat!” she yelled.

Surmising that plastic cup formerly held the sticky, gooey contents that were currently soaking into his silk shirt, Alex had his culprit. He sniffed.

What the fuck? From what he picked up, the sludge staining his shirt and sticking to his hair was some diabolical mix of ink, mineral oil, and paint.

“What is going on?”

The sound of a second female had his eyes searching the shadows for the face that went with the heavenly voice.

Heavenly? WTF.

Grrr. His Tiger tensed, the beast scratching against his skin. He was chuffing so loudly Alex could hardly make out her next words.

The second female’s voice was huskier, older sounding than the first. Like fine wine, it was perfect for his palate. The notes so deep and sexy, stirred something within him. When she spoke again, it was like a sucker punch straight to his gut.


He stilled. Fuck no. This was not happening. But the Tiger growled and hissed. The happy chuff upon first hearing the stranger replaced by an annoyed growl at his human side for doubting the beast.

Fuck that. He was not there to meet his mate, dammit.

Grrr. The Tiger did not give two shits what the man thought. That voice, the woman, was his.

“Joelle! Oh my god! Sir? I think it’s a sir, um, mister? Are you okay?”

The woman gasped. She pinched the younger female on the arm. Leaning over the railing from the balcony over the office, she asked him if he was alright, but he couldn’t even think to respond.

From what he could see, which honestly wasn’t much since he currently had one eye closed to keep out the muck, she was gorgeous. Honey-colored hair spilled over her shoulders in big, bouncy curls. Hazel eyes that seemed brown at first, but upon closer inspection were flecked with green and gold, blinked rapidly, taking in his utterly ridiculous appearance.

She wore casual clothes. Lounge pants and a tank top that showed off her ample curves. Damn. She was round in all the right places. Womanly and sumptuous, and he could hardly wait to test the softness of her pale skin that bore trace of time spent in the sun.

“Just wait there, sir,” she said.

Alex took a deep breath, fuck the ink and paint and slop covering him made it damn near impossible to scent her, but that voice.

Dear gods! It was husky and rich. Perfect. He was ninety-seven percent certain his ebats was right. This female was his.

What would she sound like after he’d made love to her a time or twenty? He couldn’t wait to find out. His cock was already hard just imagining it.


Fierce whispering brought his attention back to the females, and he noted the younger one’s eyes seemed to glow in anger as she was being scolded.

Hmm. Shifter? Possibly.

That was good news. If his mate was a Shifter, then she would recognize him too. This whole thing could be done and done tonight.

Awesomesauce, he grinned, then growled, and spit out the inky paint mix.

“Oh my! Okay, sir. One second, I will be right down. Here use this,” she of the gorgeously raspy voice called down to him and tossed a fluffy white towel his way.