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Please welcome Cara Wylde as we discuss her story. 

Author: Cara Wylde

Book: Most Unholy Pumpkin Spice

R&R: Your title is quirky, funny, and perfect as we cozy up to the Fall season. Where did you get your inspiration from for your title and book concept? 

Cara: Most Unholy Pumpkin Spice is part of a series I started writing this year – Of Food and Other Demons. All the novellas and novels in this series were inspired by a meme that’s been going around social media for some time now. I kept seeing it over and over, and at some point I said, “Okay, that’s it. I have to write this.” It’s a writing prompt that goes:

The demon stands amid your destroyed kitchen screaming, “How? How were you able to summon me?!” You’re standing in the corner flipping through your grandma’s cookbook as fast as you can, screaming back, “I don’t know!! You were supposed to be chicken soup!”

The first novella in the series is called Chicken Soup Gone to Hell, and it’s free everywhere – https://books2read.com/u/3Ly210

R&R: What a ton of fun! In your submission, which character was easiest to write?

Cara: The demon, Murmur. I always find it easy to write my demon characters, because they know what they want, and they go for it. They’re also super sweet and protective.

R&R: So appealing! Would you pick the male character for your book as a love interest for yourself? Why or why not?

Cara: Definitely! Forget that he’s hot and delicious in every way, but he also has magic powers! In my book, the main character, Ginny, says at some point that he’s her sugar demon and she’s his sugar witch. Who wouldn’t want a sugar demon? I know I do.

R&R: Agreed! We DO want one! Is there something about your main characters that you don’t like? Tell us about it.

Cara: I don’t think so. Ginny is a bit chaotic, but I think that only makes her more endearing. And Murmur is just a sweetheart. With horns and a tail.

R&R: Lovely characters! What was your favorite childhood book?

Cara: This is a tough question. I read a lot as a kid, and it’s hard to say… I’m going to say Two Years’ Vacation by Jules Verne, for obvious reasons.

R&R: It was a tough question but you answered well. What has impacted your writing?

Cara: Everything I read and watch impacts my writing.

R&R: Very true. What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Cara: I’m very much into monster romance this summer, and I have two monster series that I plan to expand with more books.

One is my Orc Mates series, and the next book that’s on pre-order is Uthar the Hunter – https://books2read.com/uthar

And my Monster Hearts series, where the next book is Heart of a Gargoyle – https://books2read.com/gargoyleheart

R&R: Sexy and very popular right now. Would you rather live forever or wake up every day with a new superpower?

Cara: I’d rather live forever.

R&R: That wraps it up! Wonderful talking to you. Below, we have more juicy information about Most Unholy Pumpkin Spice.

Book blurb:

A demon once summoned is bound to his witch.

That is the first rule of demon summoning. But don’t blame me for not knowing! I just found out I’m a witch.

All I wanted was a hot pumpkin spice latte on a cozy, rainy day. What I got was a demon crawling into my bed at night. He has horns, a tail, hooved feet, and a body worth being damned to Hell for.

I never thought soul corruption could taste so delicious.


There was a rustle again, and the sound startled me awake. The room was dark, and for a moment, I wanted to turn on the lamp on my bedside table. Then I remembered Sunny. Since Mom wasn’t here, the dog would want to sleep with me. It was probably her wandering around, trying to find a good spot.

I fell back asleep.

The mattress dipped under a weight that wasn’t mine. The feeling that I wasn’t alone in the room hit me out of nowhere, and my eyes snapped open. It was still dark, it was still raining, and Sunny wasn’t by my side. I slowly sat up and looked at the foot of the bed, where I once again felt like the mattress dipped further under someone’s weight.

And then I saw it. A shadow.

Dark, massive, crawling toward me.

“No,” I whispered. “This is a dream.”

But if it were a dream, I should’ve been able to wake up just by telling myself that it was a dream.

“I shouldn’t have drunk coffee…”

Even as the terror grew inside me, I found the strength to reach out for the lamp. I pressed the button on the side, and a warm, shy beam of light fell on the figure crawling its way into my bed.

A man.

Pale skin, sharp spikes covering his arms, a strong jaw, and high cheekbones. A straight nose, intense dark eyes, dark hair, and… horns atop his head.

I saw a tail snake its way through the sheets, lightly wrapping around my calf through the thick duvet.

A demon.

I screamed once.

He winced, then said, “You have summoned me, witch. I am here.”

I screamed again, and this time, I didn’t stop.

Author Bio:

Cara Wylde loves to write about strong, feisty women and their hot Alphas who will do anything to make them happy. Her books are filled with romance and just a dash of mystery, suspense, and that eerie atmosphere she fell in love with reading too many gothic novels. With a master’s degree in Comparative Literature, she can’t help but play with tropes and themes from various genres, trying to come up with fresh perspectives on the paranormal characters her readers love so much. Vampires, shapeshifters, demons, witches… Cara will always make sure they get their own twists.

When she’s not writing, Cara is reading, planning her next story, or daydreaming.

Where You Can Find Her: 

Author website – https://carawylde.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/carawylde

Readers group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/goodgirlsgonewylde

BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/profile/cara-wylde

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/carawylde/

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