New email platform

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed my newsletter schedule is kinda off. Well, you see, what happened is this, I have been paying various platforms over the past five years to ty and find the best one so that my emails are getting delivered to my subscribers with any kind of regularity only to discover that most of these providers fall grossly short of expectations and promises on delivery.

That said, I am now using a different approach. Along with my new WordPress site, I am trying an oldie but goodie delivery system and hope that you are getting the newsletter you signed up for. On that note, please do not mark me as spam if you are seeing me for the first time in years- lol. I promise I did not add you without your permission.

You signed up voluntarily either through a form, to get a free book, or to enter a contest. I know we are all bombarded with dozens of emails a day and if you don’t want it, I totally respect that. Just unsubscribe. No harm no foul.

When you mark an email as spam you are hurting that person’s ability to reach the people who really want to get their emails. It’s just the way this wonky system works. So please, if you have to go, do so gracefully and click “unsubscribe”. 😉

THANK YOU for being awesome!

*Now if you want to see what I’ve got cooking check out my homepage for new and upcoming releases by clicking here!