Midnight Magic Featured Author(s) Post #2


Laura Greenwood

What’s the title of your book in Midnight Magic?

Potion Making For Disastrous Witches

Tell us a little bit about it!

Potion Making For Disastrous Witches is a light-hearted and fun paranormal romance set at Obscure Academy. It follows Michaela, a not-so-great witch as she makes friends, falls in love, and ends up having to brew a potion…with disastrous consequences. 

What’s your main character like?

Michaela is a fun loving and upbeat witch who doesn’t care that she’s not so good at magic, especially now she’s at Obscure Academy where a lot of the other students aren’t so great at being supernatural either. 

Is it part of a bigger series or world?

It is! It’s part of the Obscure Academy series which revolves around a group of flatmates at a university level academy for supernaturals. The series is also part of my Obscure World which includes several urban fantasy and paranormal romance series all set in a world where supernaturals are out in the open. 

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your book in Midnight Magic?

The student flat Michaela lives in is based on the layout of the flat I lived in during my first year of university – and some of the antics she and her flatmates will get up to are also inspired by the adventures I had with my friends during that time!