♥⚡♥⚡♥The Dragon’s Treasure by C.D. Gorri is HERE!♥⚡♥⚡♥

Castor Falk escaped from the ruins of Castle Blackthorne on the Isle of Pain with one goal in mind, to find his half-brothers. If anyone deserved to hear tell of the end of Dragomir’s reign of terror, it was them. Besides, what else did a dying Dragon have to do with the little time he had left?

Jozette Keeper was too old for story time. That didn’t stop the curvy normal from indulging in the longtime tradition that filled the bookstore with local children every day at two o’clock. It was just something to pay the bills while she worked on her non-fiction book.

When a handsome stranger knocks on her door in the middle of the night, she finds herself in the middle of her very own fairytale. Is Jozette willing to take a leap of faith to save the dying Dragon at her door?
Available wide.♥⚡♥⚡♥

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