Tiger Tales

Island Stripe Pride : Books 1-3

Welcome to the Island Stripe Pride!

This series evolved after penning what was supposed to be one Shifter holiday romance into multiple stories involving members of this New York based Tiger group.

Follow the tough males of the Island Stripe Pride as they traverse rocky terrain trying to woo and claim their fated mates in this Paranormal Romance Tiger Shifter series.

Take a look inside:

The Tiger King’s Christmas Bride

He’s the ruler of a Tiger Pride spending the holidays in his solitary cabin in the woods. Will this scroogey Tiger find love where he least expects it?

Claiming His Virgin Mate

Alex Kensington is a Tiger Shifter from the Island Stripe Pride. In Maccon City on business for his Neta, he runs into the one person he never expected to meet. His fated mate.

Tiger Claimed

Trench Tora is and Enforcer for the Island Stripe Pride. When his Neta sends him to investigate a vlogger claiming to have seen a man turn into a dog, he doesn’t expect to be attracted to the curvy beauty. More than that. He thinks she’s his mate.

Take a walk on the wild side and try these steamy Island Stripe Pride paranormal romance tales!

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