Moongate Island Christmas Claim

She’s an overworked executive. He’s a shark with bite. Together, they jingle all the bells…

A Vampire, needing a vacation, goes to an island predominantly inhabited by shifters. What could go wrong?

How about an accidental claiming ceremony on Christmas Eve that proves binding by supernatural law? It’s not a matter of who bit who, despite the feuding couples’ claims when they take it to the Island Judge.

The real question is whether Adam, a solitary Shark Shifter, and Eve, a Vampire trying to find peace, will end up claimed for life?

Find out in this Moongate Island Christmas tale.

Popular Tropes

Fated Mates, Sassy Heroine, Shifter Romance, Vampire Romance, Insta-Love, Holiday Romance

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I enjoyed this book. It was such a cute holiday romance. I have read one other book in the Moongate series and enjoyed it. The premise of this one sounded so interesting, I had to get my hands on it. I really liked the characters. Great white shark (<3!) shifter Adam and vampiress Eve had such great chemistry. I loved their first meeting as she tried to glamour him away from his table, only to be invited to join him for lunch. I also find it just as amusing that Adam did that their names were Adam and Eve. A fun, sweet read. 5 stars.” -Bookbub Reviewer