Merciful Lies: A Jersey Bad Boys Romance Alternate Cover Edition

Lies can be merciful. It just depends on the why.


I knew the second I saw him, my life would change forever. When my brother offers me as payment to Nico Fury, the king of the Vipers, how can I refuse? Tattooed, built, and tall, he was the only man I saw when I walked into the room. It was like he occupied all the available space, sitting on his throne of blood, sweat, and lies.

Nerves assailed me, but I owed my brother too much to let anything happen to him. One night. That was all. But it would leave me wrecked. Actions always had consequences. Six months later, my brother was killed by a rival organization, and now they were after me.

There was only one place I could go to keep my unborn baby safe. I just hoped the king would be merciful.



Perfect things didn’t exist, at least not in my experience. But she was pretty close. I had her in my bed for one night, and I couldn’t shake the memory. No, I wasn’t meant to keep soft things like Anna Keller. My life belonged to my crew, and we were a vicious group. Hell, we weren’t called Vipers for nothing.

But she was different. She made me want, and I loved and hated her for it. Anna was light in a world of constant darkness. She was all warmth and beauty like no other. And I craved her like a drug.

Six months had passed since I took her in return for clearing her brother’s debt to me, but that man attracted trouble like honey did flies. It wasn’t long before I learned Sam Keller had gotten himself killed. Less than an hour later, Anna came back to me, on her knees, asking for sanctuary.

I knew the moment I saw the swell of her stomach she was carrying my baby. Anna thought coming here would protect her, but she was walking right into the Viper’s nest. Before I was finished, my little runaway would be begging me for mercy.

Merciful Lies is the first in the contemporary romance series of connected standalones, Jersey Bad Boys. This series features familiar tropes such as enemies to lovers, forced proximity, arranged marriages, secret babies, and contains some violence and explicit scenes.

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