Pitiful Lies

Denial is just another type of lie. But sometimes it’s all a girl has.


Okay, so I threw a glass of beer in his face the first time I saw him. I thought he was his cousin and that he was treating my best friend badly.

It was an honest mistake. I didn’t know the psycho was going to see it as a challenge and form a fixation on me. My answer was a firm, resounding no each time he asked me out.

But that didn’t seem to stop him. And when a group of drunk guys decided to follow me home one night after I left the Den, I had to admit, it paid to have a stalker who was six foot six inches of pure, tattooed muscle.

Angel Fury was something to behold, and now that he made it into my bed, I was afraid he’d slithered into other places. Like my heart. There was only one was to get rid of the man who would only cause me pain in the end.

Deny. Deny. Deny.



The first time I saw Giselle Vega, I knew I wanted her. The curvy goddess stood toe to toe with a monster like me and didn’t even bat an eyelash. It wasn’t every day I met a woman feisty enough to take me on.

She could keep spouting her pitiful lies, but I knew the truth. I felt it every time I touched her. She was crazy about me. And I wanted to keep her. I just had to get her addicted. So, I decided to lay in wait, like the Viper I was.

That was the thing about snakes. Sure, we hibernated at times, but we always struck when least expected.

My pretty little flower had no idea what was coming for her.

Pitiful Lies is the third in the contemporary romance series of connected standalones, Jersey Bad Boys. This series features familiar tropes such as enemies to lovers, forced proximity, arranged marriages, secret babies, and contains some violence and explicit scenes.

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