Sammi and the Jersey Bull are almost here…wake up to something awesome- preorder today!

Holy crap! 1 more day to go! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! ❤Here are some fun facts about Sammi and the Jersey Bull ?

  1. As with all my books, one of the characters is a New Jersey native ❤
  2. The title is a little word play on the infamous mafia hitman Sammy the Bull
  3. Hedgehogs really do spit a huge phlegm ball on their backs when they taste something new they like
  4. Jersey is a British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey, in the British Channel Islands

I really loved writing this book, and each time I am offered the opportunity to write in Eve Langlais’ incredible FUC Academy I am thrilled. (Seriously fangirling over Ms. Langlais and her incredible imagination!).So…have you grabbed yours yet? ?