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Join the magic with Rituals & Runes, a collection of tantalizing tales from the masterminds of Shifters Unleashed for an author interview featuring Silvana G. Sánchez as she discusses her contribution to the anthology, Chosen by the Fae.

Author: Silvana G. Sánchez

Book: Chosen by the Fae

R&R: Your book features Fae as your supernatural being. What attracts you to them and why did you write about them? 

Silvana: Hi! And thank you for this interview! 

I enjoy writing characters out of the human sphere. The Fae have quickly become some of my favorites, because in writing them, I get to play with a different set of rules, a different moral compass–more on the grey side of the spectrum. And then, there’s magic. 

R&R: We are glad to have you. All sexy material for sure! 

Without sharing spoilers, tell us about the title of the book. Why did you choose that title? 

Silvana: Chosen by the Fae tells the story of Rhomn, the cursed fae prince of the Moonlight Court. Known as the dreary King Slayer after stealing the throne he sits on, Rhomn means to take matters into his own hands and break the curse, but when the fae oracles choose another, that doesn’t sit well with him. 

My story is the prequel, and narrates the events that led Rhomn and the Moonlight Court to their curse.

R&R: Tantalizing!

What is the hardest decision your main characters have to make?

Silvana: In the prequel, Rhomn has to make peace with the fact that the sorceress he thought he loved is the enemy, and he must unalive her.  

R&R: Oof, that’s a tough one.

Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Tell us about it.

Silvana: Rhomn has to cross a portal tomorrow, from the Moonlight Court straight to San Francisco, California.

Can’t say more! You’ll have to read it, lol.

R&R: What a tease but we love it.

Explain what you need to get writing done and if you have any special snacks or drinks while writing.

Silvana: I need to have a Spotify playlist ready from the get-go. Each of my WIPs get their own playlist. Sometimes, I’ll include them in the books, but you can find Chosen by the Fae’s in my Spotify.

As for drinks, it’s a Starbucks frappucino in the daytime or chamomile tea if it’s really late at night. I usually don’t eat snacks while I write, but when I do, they better be spicy. (TAKIS, sponsor me! Lol).

R&R: A-ha! An author who writes to music. That’s always fun to see the playlists. And Takis are addictive!

You make amazing book covers. How do you balance your time as both a designer and an author?

Silvana: Thank you so much! It’s a challenge. But I try to stick to a schedule. Usually it’s designer work in the mornings and writing in the afternoon. Sometimes, late at night if I’m on a deadline–those times are intense!

R&R: Certainly tricky to balance when everyone wants stuff all at the same time.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Silvana: I recently released Curse the Moon, book two of my dark academia romantasy series, Vesely Academy. That series has supernatural mystery, steamy romance, and an LGBTQ+ wonderful villain who turns out to the be the hero. 

I’ve also released book three of my vampire romance series, The Unnatural Brethren. Cast in Blood is a NA paranormal romance with hot shifters, bad boy warlocks, and strong empowered witches… and sexy vampires, of course! 

Both can be read as standalones, I highly recommend them!

R&R: All of that sounds wonderful. 

Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?

Silvana: I’d take any of them as long as the love of my life is there with me. 

Hi, Eric. I know you’re reading. 🙂

He’s the best.

R&R: How sweet. Thank you for the interview. Read on for more information on Chosen by the Fae and to check out her juicy snippet.

Book blurb:

Claim the crown, lose your kingdom.

Less than a year has passed since the renowned thief Rhomn Al’Sarik claimed the Moonlight Court’s crown, when a pack of harpies breaks into the palace in the middle of the summer ball. But the monsters’ strike is the least of King Rhomn’s worries as the stars start falling and the people lose their wings.

A powerful enchantress is behind the attacks. The Crimson Lady has more than one reason to despise Rhomn. When he broke up with her, not only did he shatter her heart, but her plans to rule the kingdom died as well. Now vengeance is hers to claim, and she will show Rhomn no mercy.

To save his people, King Rhomn must find the surviving Oracle Twin. Only she holds the answer to this riddle. But the clock is ticking, and Rhomn must act fast—before the sands of time run out, and the Moonlight Court is lost forever.


Prologue: The Moonlight Palace

Harrowing shrieks resound in the palace. The cries are a song of death, so disquieting that throngs of high fae lords and ladies scurry away from the locked ballroom, jostling in the corridor, clustering in the doorways… desperate to escape.

One figure, however, does not flee. The clang of burnished steel armor announces the captain’s presence as he moves against the crowd with hurried footsteps, heading toward the dreaded chamber.

When he finally stops at the entrance, the most unsettling silence sets in. His weathered gauntlet meets the door and gives it a light tap. Gently, it creaks open. His eyes then lock intently in the impenetrable darkness that fills the narrow crevice.

Uncertainty rises, and as he lowers his hand, the heel cautiously glides on his sword’s hilt.

Every inch of him goes taut as he continues to watch, unraveling the shadows to the best of his fae focus, until a pair of violet eyes glint before him.

Struggling to tame his racing heart, he remains still.



Author Bio:

USA TODAY bestselling author, Silvana G. Sánchez loves to write monsters with a heart of gold, villains who are heroes and get their happy endings. 

She lives in Mexico with her husband Eric, twins Iker (†)  and David, and two Shih-Tzu puppies she lovingly calls her dragons—Wookie and Padme. 

When not poking eyes in her practice as an Ophthalmologist, she’s known to write dark fantasy novels in her writing den. The Unnatural Brethren, Vesely Academy, and the Cursed Kingdoms are the worlds of her creation.

You’ll often find her in her reader’s group the Reader’s Den and on TikTok.

Stop by to say hello. She doesn’t bite—not always, anyway.

Where to find her:

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