Now in one beautiful boxed set!

Four Polar Bear Shifters from the wilds of Alaska have moved to our South Jersey town of Barvale.

The Barvale Clan Tales by USA Today Bestselling Author C.D. Gorri is here in one convenient boxed set!

Inside this collection is books 1-4 in the Barvale Clan Tales:

Polar Opposites

Polar Outbreak

Polar Compound

Polar Curve

These sexy Shifters desperately long to settle down as permanent members of the Barvale Clan so they can finally have a place to call home.

Time is running out. The terms of their arrangement dictate that without a solid invitation from the Barvale Clan Alpha, the quartet must return to their previous Clan where they were treated as nothing more than outsiders. Hated and feared by those around them.

There’s just one small problem. The Barvale Alpha has made it clear that unless they get better control of their Polar Bears, he will not take them in. To do that, the four Polars must find their one true mates. It is the only way to settle the wild beasts inside of them!

Will fate deliver their perfect mates before time runs out?