River Dragon

Dreams can be beautiful, but they can also be deadly.

Sybil Harbor isn’t like her sisters. True, they are hybrids like her, but Sybil is the only one of her kind. Now that Martina and Nova have found their mates, it’s even lonelier for her. Well, it is until he walks into her life. Like a dream come true. Only her new man isn’t what he appears, and the truth might kill her.
Perseus Calloway is on a mission. Living under an ancient curse, the Calloway Coven has been without its power for generations. But when a rumor of Dragons living just a few hours away reaches their ears, they send him to investigate. With Dragon blood, they can finally lift the curse. But what happens when the Dragon he finds isn’t the Dragon he expected?
Sybil Harbor is more than just a beast. She’s a flesh and blood woman who calls to his heart like no other. Percy has a choice to make. Save his family or save the River Dragon who captured his attention?
When she learns this daydream is more of a nightmare, Sybil’s heart is on the verge of breaking. Will Sybil forgive Percy when his true intentions are revealed?

Popular Tropes

Fated Mates, Dragon Shifter Romance, Possessive Book Boyfriend, Vampire Romance, Dhampir, Paranormal Romance, Dual POV

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Percy is slow in talking with Sybil, who then believes what someone else reveals during a traumatic ordeal. Lots of suspense on lots of levels in this paranormal romance.” -ARC Reviewer

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