His Pickle Her Jam

Summer is here and so is the heat!

Working at The Whiskey Bar is just something Buck does to pass the time. Having successfully invested his trust fund years ago, the man doesn’t have to do much of anything except enjoy life. But he has dreams of opening his own business.
Opportunity knocks, and Buck has the chance to get his own storefront a few doors down from his best bud’s bar. The only obstacle in his way is five foot three inches of curvy sassiness, also known as Jan, his buddy’s new wife’s bestie. The feisty female is looking for a place to setup shop for her homemade jellies or whatever fruity nonsense the woman has cooked up.
The owner of the building is primed to sell, but with multiple parties interested, he’s not sure who to pick. Jan knows she has a good thing in her homemade preserves, and she is dying to expand her mail order business. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one with a keen eye for real estate. Infuriatingly sexy bartender Buck is making a play for the same spot.
She suggests a summer block party cookoff contest, determined to go toe to toe with Buck for top prize.
Buck might think his pickles are more important than her jams, but his annoying confidence is enough to burn Jan’s biscuits.
The man needs to come down a peg or two, and she is just the woman to do it. But can Jan resist his charm and keep her eye on the prize?
Who will win? His pickle or her jam? Find out in this sexy summertime story.

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