Chickee and the Paparazzi

Chickee and the Paparazzi

A tayra tainted by his family’s misdeeds. A hen with ruffled feathers and a past that won’t leave her alone. Can Tom Yum Thursdays offer the perfect balm to soothe old hurts?

Former child reality star Chickee Prinz has come a long way since her days of pigtails and bubblegum confessions, but will the past ever stop hounding the Jersey Giant hen shifter?

Working at FUCN’A as a guest professor is a step on her path to becoming a real life FUC agent, and nothing is going to get in this determined chick’s way. She was finally working on something she could be proud of. Unlike Hatched, the exploitative documentary series responsible for ruining every event of her youth—and she meant every event.

Nothing was sacred from the media feeding frenzy that comprised her childhood. Every pimple, wart, ugly cry, period leak, and devastating rejection from boys her age was all recorded for posterity to her unending shame. But outrunning her past is difficult for a chicken-legged shifter.

Dario Marten is a tayra shifter, a member of the weasel family—and isn’t that apt? He might be the son of a tabloid mogul, but this mindful mustelid has left the family business, becoming a decorated agent for the Furry United Coalition instead.

Back at the Academy to brush up on his undercover skills, Dario can’t believe Chickee Prinz is all grown up, She sure looks different from the flat-chested, freckle-faced, sad little girl the whole world knew. Dario wants to make amends, but she just won’t listen.

Not that he blames her. From what he recalls, Chickee’s childhood was a living hell and the Marten family certainly contributed. He really should leave her alone, but there’s something about the curvy chick he just can’t get enough of.

Thrown together on assignment, Dario finally gets Chickee all to himself. But this hen worked too hard to get where she was now. She won’t let anyone take advantage of her again. Especially not a Marten in FUC clothing.

Can this weasel earn the key to her hen house?

Find out in Chickee and the Paparazzi.

*This paranormal romance is an EveL Worlds novella set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (FUC) World!

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