January PNR Authors Discuss

Ah, the paranormal. Shifters, vampires, witches, creatures of the night… We love writing about them. We love reading about them.

But would we actually want to BE them?

I sure wouldn’t mind having some magical powers. Would you?

For this month’s edition of Paranormal Romance Authors Discuss, my friends and I are talking supernatural beings!

January’s Question:

If you could be any type of supernatural creature, which would you be and why?

I would love to be a shifter and be able to shift into any animal imaginable, whether real or imaginary. Can you imagine being a pegasus? A dragon? A kraken? The possibilities are endless! ~Nicole Zoltack, author of Bedlem in Bethlehem series

If a magical creature includes humans then I’d be a witch at Hogwarts! My son and I often talk about what it would be like to be a student there. It would be fantastic… but maybe without Umbridge and the battle of Hogwarts! Probably an answer more in the spirit of the question is that I’d be a dragon. Magical, wise, brave and beautiful – and they have the ability to fly. Plus, being from Wales I kind of have to go down this route. Maybe I need to be a red dragon to match the flag? A dragon: A truly magical creature worthy of any paranormal author. ~Beth Linton, author of The Guardians’ Trust

I think the most logical being for me to become would be a reaper. I love ghosts, but I don’t want to be dead, so that’s not really an option. If I were a reaper, I could spend as much time with ghosts as I wanted, jumping back forth between the land of the living and the underworld. Plus, I’d get to play with a wicked-sharp scythe and sever souls from people’s bodies. Wait…did I say that last part out loud? ~Carrie Pulkinen, author of Finders Reapers

There is only one creature which perfectly suits my talents: the gargoyle. I have resting stone face. I’m a raging introvert. I hunker over my laptop like I’m perched on the Notre Dame. Gargoyles get to live forever, make friends with pigeons, and shamelessly spy on people in the streets below. Want six-pack abs? Hand me that chisel. It’s the dream. To any sorcerers/stone masons reading, here’s my vision: short, curly horns, a snout for a nose, and massive bat wings. Bring it on. ~Tabby Monroe, author of Radio Vamp

This is really a no brainer for me. It will have to be a witch. I love the idea of using the energy of the natural world around me to make my intention happen. I mean, I do believe that we all do this in small ways but to have the type of power Hermione Granger has, would be my most extraordinary dream come true! ~Marie-Claude Bourque, author of A Vampire’s Spell

So, I have contemplated this again and again and I always come back to my first love, Wolf Shifters. Not a traditional Werewolf, but a person able to shift into a wolf complete with slow aging, super healing abilities, and all the cool super senses and strength. It is just so appealing to me. I don’t want to be dead or undead, I want to be alive and who is more alive than a Shifter?! ~C.D. Gorri, author of Dragon Shield

I love the water, and I’ve always wanted to be a dolphin. Even better, a dolphin shifter. There’s a whole world below the surface that we rarely see and can never really know. I’d love to be able to slip through the ocean as this powerful, intelligent mammal, and then return to land and be a human, too.  So when I started my Fada Shapeshifter Series, it seemed natural to make the alpha a dolphin shifter, although he can shift to other underwater animals too. And if you don’t think dolphins can be alpha males, check out some of the research on them… ~Rebecca Rivard, author of The Fada Shapeshifters

I want to be a griffin, or griffin shifter. Who doesn’t want to take flight and have the ability to rip out someone’s spine? I mean not that I want to rip out anyone’s spine, I just want the ability to do it. Except for the flying bit. I’d really like to be able to fly. ~Jules Crisare, author of Broken Peak Pack

****SPECIAL THANKS to Carrie Pulkinen for putting these awesome tidbits together!