The Hybrid Assassin

Hybrid Shifter. Assassin. Outcast.

This assignment might change her future…

Like others in the League, I was designed to be a hollow killing machine. Taught to have no feelings, no desires, no dreams of my own.
That part was easy when you were a loner. I did not need friends. I just wanted to survive.
Unlike the rest, I was classified as a mistake.
Created in the Lab by a foolish scientist who’d been killed for his failure on the day I first Shifted into the hybrid monster he’d given me, I was a living, breathing error. The Director and Avalonia never failed to remind me of my shortcomings, as did everyone else in the Assassin compound in the realm of Icarus.
ERR394N was my designation. I had no name. Nothing personal to humanize me to my handlers. I was a weapon, and I was good at my job, obeying orders, and taking lives.
I learned early to hone my skills. Hacking difficult systems, burning through firewalls, and uncovering secrets were only parts of my talents. I was an expert marksman, too. What could I say? For a Shifter, I liked guns.
But even my prowess could not save me from drawing the jobs no one else wanted. My latest assignment was supposed to be easy.
Go to Earth. End the target.
Only everything went sideways the moment I saw him. He was the one person who was not supposed to exist—my fated mate.
Both our lives were now in danger. Unless I could stop it.

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First POV, Fated Mates, Sassy Heroine, Shifter Romance, Insta-Love, Secret Magic World, Witches

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Grown in a lab by a mad scientist, never had a name, a killing machine… She knows what to do, until…her heart won’t allow it? What heart… Davi has been the rock that held his misfit together. Now he has to fight for more than just his sisters. But when the fates say you are meant to be well you battle till the end. I loved this story. I love Hybrids, and this one gives us a bit of everything. We get also get the mention of characters from previous books by this author.” -Bookbub Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh wow!! This was so good! Completely absorbing from page 1. Davian was a witch who after the death of his adoptive mother took on the care of his 3 sisters who were witch/shifters. Erryn was a hybrid assassin created in a lab by mistake who was sent to kill Davian. From the first second she knew he was her mate. They needed to work together to escape her life, his death and keep the girls safe. Fast paced, well written, hot, steamy story with amazing chemistry, danger, suspense, true love and a wonderful HEA.” -Bookbub Reviewer