Falcon’s Heart

Hank Garret doesn’t need any help finding a mate. But tell that to his Aunt Gerri!

Gerri Wilder, prolific matchmaker extraordinaire in the Shifter world, has had it up to here with her honorary nephew’s refusals to use her services. She knows the Falcon Shifter will never find true happiness unless he learns to embrace one truth. He needs his mate, and luckily, Gerri knows exactly who the lucky female is!

Annabeth Golden of the Blue Valley Pride is one frustrated Lioness. So, what if her sister almost castrated her high school boyfriend for being unfaithful? Was that really cause to make her persona non grata with the entire Pride?

When she runs into Gerri Wilder, the famous owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, Annabeth has hit the jackpot. Or so she thinks.

But what happens when the cranky Falcon claims he doesn’t want a mate? Can this cat bag her bird?

Find out in book one of the Tower Heart Tales.

Mated by Moonlight

Some things are only clear by moonlight.

Maxwell Rose has two Wolves fighting for dominance inside of him. The volatile beasts have driven him to the brink of madness more than once, and he is desperate for relief.

The last thing he wants to do is go home and open old wounds. But when his stepfather dies, he must return to Hope Falls to settle the old man’s will. The only thing stopping him from getting in and out of the quaint New Jersey town is James Mazzi.

Jamie heard Max was back, and it is killing him. Can he forgive the man who walked out on him and broke his heart eight years ago?

Her Solstice Wolf

Solstice is a time for miracles. Is Kurt ready to accept his?

Kurt Lowell is a Wolf Guard and partners with his brother at Macconwood Law Associates. Known as the Pack clown, he’s managed to traverse life unscathed by heartbreak or relationship complications. He always thought of himself as too much of a free spirit to be tied down. But what happens when his mate is revealed one winter’s night?

Scarred for life at the hands of a drunk-driver, Clara Crescent is perfectly content staying out of Pack affairs and running the bookstore she and her sister co-own. It’s the middle of the holiday season, their busiest time of year, and Clara finds herself personally delivering books to her best local customer, Macconwood Law Associates.

With the biggest snowstorm of the year looming overhead, Kurt is depending on the Crescent Moon Books to deliver the volumes he needs to finish the treaty he’s been drafting between the Macconwood Pack and the local Witch coven.

Clara has managed to avoid the devastatingly handsome red-headed Wolf. But when the power goes out, leaving them both trapped in an elevator, she has no choice but to confront her feelings.

Will this Winter Solstice deliver the happy ever after she so desperately wants?

Shifters Do It Better

Nobody does it better…

Looking for sizzling paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales full of drool-worthy shifters to knock your socks off?

Let us scratch your itch with that special kind of romance only shifters can deliver. We have Lions, Tigers, Bears, Dragons, and more just waiting to claim their fated mates. You might meet your next book boyfriend between the pages.

Panther Shield

She’s a fierce Panther Shifter fighting to preserve the freedom of all magic. He’s a normal with a target on his back. Will she risk it all for him?

Elena Soussa is the only female Guardian of Chaos in her group. A Panther Shifter, she was a loner by nature. But ever since the members of her crew started meeting their mates and gaining new powers, her curiosity had been piqued.
When she finds a normal cornered by the enemy, she is compelled to save the ridiculously handsome man. But to do so means violating the Guardians code. He is not her problem, she reminds her inner she-Cat. But the beast sure wants him to be.

Will Elena risk it all for one man’s life?

Beating Hearts

When all the world is screaming, the sound of your heart beating is the only thing I hear…

Journey into a world of Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and more as they discover true love in worlds where actions speak louder than words and hearts thunder when true mates are near…

Experience a diverse collection of LGBTQ+ tales between the pages of this one of a kind anthology. Beating Hearts is filled with exciting supernatural romance stories exploring the bonds between fated mates, where love knows no boundaries, crafted by some of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors.

Shadow Dreams

Sometimes dreams lead to more than we could ever imagine…

Descended from a forgotten line of donas de fuera, Shadow Capelli’s dreams are about to go up in flames. With bills to pay, no money coming in, and a clinic full of injured and unwanted animals, Fangs & Claws Rescue Center is doomed.

Her non-profit animal rehab and reserve is in danger of closing for good, but Shadow can’t use her powers to save it without upsetting the balance of magic.

The bank is threatening imminent foreclosure. When the bank manager suggests she pay off her debt with him, she balks. Shadow is out of time. She needs money. Fast. With the Crimson Moon Hideaway just a short drive down the road, she decides to try her luck in the infamous casino. What has she got to lose?

Diego Manuel’s inner Otter is gnawing at him to find a mate. Territorial and often ornery, his Boar tends to get in trouble whenever he runs into another Otter raft. But where else can he find an eligible female?

With his beast more anxious than ever, Diego decides what he needs is some relaxation. And what better place than the Crimson Moon Hideaway?

Doubly Bound

The oldest of three sisters, responsibility has been Sage Freeman’s guiding force for as long as she can remember. But can she still make that claim after she quits her job the day before their annual vacation?

Nothing is going right for her. Especially not the whole dating thing. Men are just another mark in a long line of disappointments. Okay, maybe not that long. Whatever. Determined to enjoy the Freeman sisters’ annual vacay, she isn’t looking for all the answers. She just wants a couple of days of wild frivolity in paradise. Is that too much to give a girl?

Callan McGregor and Landry Smyth are a unique pair. The powerful Alpha Silver Dragon and the Omega White Liger sit as Heads of the Council of Triads entrusted with helping all Alpha Omega pairs to find their mates. Out of options, they announce a shocking revelation during the Council meeting on Moongate Island. With the shortage of eligible female Shifters, they are opening the search to include humans. Of course, the Dragon and Liger never expected to meet their mate as well.

But what will this pair do when they meet their own mate in a beautiful normal with a sassy mouth?

Doubly Claimed

Needing a break from her nightmare boss, Ginger is more than ready for the Freeman sisters’ annual vacation. She loves being a preschool teacher. If only her supervisor would keep his comments about her weight to himself! This feisty redhead is sick and tired of having to eat in her car to avoid the man’s snide looks and rude comments.

A weekend getaway with her siblings is just what she needs! With a pitcher of watermelon margs, some tasty bear claws from the hotel bakery, and plenty of beach time, Ginger is determined to enjoy her stay on Moongate Island. She might even meet a man or two for some no-complications fun!

Misha Orson is a Kodiak Bear Shifter and the Alpha of his multi-Shifter Clan on Kodiak Island. Along with his Omega, Constantine Ross, a Roosevelt Elk Shifter, he oversees the health and safety of their small and tightknit community.

Desperate to find their third, they travel to Moongate Island for a secret meeting of the Council of Triads. But they never expected to find her in the very same hotel. The beautiful human is exactly what they always wanted.

They just have to convince her that she is theirs, forever and always.

Purrfectly Bound

Lance is a single guard in the Maverick Pride, but this Tiger’s about to lose his stripes!

Lance Jacosa has spent his youth working his way through the females of Maverick Point, but something is wrong, and the young stud has lost his mojo.

It’s a good thing Gerri Wilder is down for a visit and she’s brought a friend with her. Annalia Reese has agreed to accept help from her neighbor, the owner of a dating agency, but Shifters?

Is the curvy female willing to take on a guy with a Tiger-sized crush?

Find out in Purrfectly Bound.

*Fast-paced, insta-love Shifter romance for lovers of paranormal romance