The Bear Claw Tales Bundle

Meet the Devlin brothers, Marcus, Daniel, Taylor and Nate, four Bear Shifters on the hunt for their one true mates! Owners and operators of the famous Bear Claw Bakeries, these growly men need to hurry and find their mates before their wild side becomes too much to bear!

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The Macconwood Pack Novel Series Bundle

Welcome to the Macconwood Pack!

These stories are split into three series, the Macconwood Pack Novels Series, the Macconwood Pack Tales, and Maccon City Shifters.

Each story features one or more Pack members their journey to their one true and fated mate. They can be read alone, though they are better read in order, as characters may show up in each other’s stories.

Pack is family for the Macconwood wolves, and when you read their tales, you become family too. What are you waiting for?

Join the Pack today.

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Shifter Kisses

Summer is near and Shifter Kisses are here!

Are you a Paranormal Romance reader? Do you love sizzling stories featuring growly Shifters and their curvy sassy mates? Then Shifter Kisses is the right choice for you.

Take a look inside:

Doubly Claimed

Off to Moongate Island for the annual Council of Triads meeting, will this Alpha Omega pair discover their fated mate there?

Shifter Mountain

Even the hardest heart has its weakness. Can a curvy human save this solitary lion?

Moongate Island Mate

He’s a wounded warrior. Can she heal his heart?

Three series starters featuring Shifter romance tales in one volume for a special limited time offer.

Happy reading!

C.D. Gorri

*Shifter Kisses: A Limited Edition Collection of First in Series Paranormal Romance Tales is only available for a short while. These books have been previously published and are available as singles.

Fire Witch

Can Westwood Academy handle the blazing inferno that erupts when these two touch?

Tana McKenna learned not to trust anyone early in life. Closed off and guarded, she just wants to control her element and get on with her life—alone. But her wacky roommates don’t seem to get the picture.

Since when did different elementals room together, anyway? Something very strange is going on at Westwood Academy, and Tana is determined to root it out.

The only problem is getting past the sentinels—one in particular. She does not know why Brandon Flint’s steel-eyed gaze seems to follow her wherever she goes, or why the knowledge of his steady stare kindles something deep inside her.

His quiet observation is driving her mad. And if there’s one witch you don’t want to get emotional, it’s her. Temperamental does not begin to describe Tana or her flaky control over her element.

Will she master her magic before it gets out of control?

Find out in Fire Witch!

Welcome to Westwood Academy. Forget what you know and let your magic run wild.

Wolf’s Scottish Geek

An American Werewolf in Scotland meets her match in a Highland Bull.

Delia Crescent is on a working vacation in Edinburgh, looking for new stock to add to the secret occult section of Crescent Moon Books, which she co-owns with her sister in Maccon City.

Used to being footloose and fancy free, things get complicated when the she-Wolf meets a handsome stranger with an irresistible brogue.

Arran Balloch is a solitary Bull, preferring to spend his time with his nose in a book. He’s not interested in breeding the females of his Herd—or anyone, for that matter.

Then he runs into his mate and all his preconceived notions fly out the window.

Will this baffled Bull woo his wily Wolf?

Shifters Furbidden: The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 3

Enjoy this collection of 3 Tales from the Macconwood Pack by USA Today Bestselling author
C.D. Gorri.

Nothing can stop true lovers from claiming each other, even when it’s furbidden…


A Silver Wedding: Matt and Lilly: The Macconwood Pack Tales 7
She was taken from him once before, now he’s never
letting go.

Mine Furever: Jordan and Isa: The Macconwood Pack Tales 8
A Witch, a Wolf, and a little bit of magic walk into a bar…

A Furry Little Christmas: Nicholas and Stephanie: The Macconwood Pack Tales 9
What do you get when you mix two Wolves with a little
holiday spirit? A furry little Christmas…

In the Macconwood Pack, each book tells the story of how one (or more) Pack members find true love. Each book is a complete story and can be read alone, though I admit they are better read in order so you can get a real feel for the characters as they will show up in each other’s stories. After all, Pack is family!

*Look for The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1 & Shifters Furever: The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 2 now available.

Jersey Sure Shifters Books 1-3

Jersey Sure Shifters are here…and the Rockies will never be the same!


Chinchilla and the Devil

Someone has been stealing meatless meatballs from the cafeteria at the Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy or FUCN’A as it’s called for short!

Conflict Resolution & Situation De-escalation Counselor Sofia Pelosi must discover and stop the meatless meatball marauder from wreaking havoc on the cadets’ diets. But to do that, she must help Tony Leeds, a private investigator, break into the academy files. The handsome devil will help, but only if Sofia scratches his back in return.

Sammi and the Jersey Bull

A hedgie charged with identity theft. A bull with questionable familial associations. Tofu Taco Tuesdays are about to get real at FUC Academy.

Samantha Andrews is eager to rise in the ranks, but being charged with criminal activity is no way to get there! Sergio Gravino is just another PRIC tracking his perp to the Rockies. Imagine his shock when his prime suspect turns out to be his mate. Can Sammi convince him she’s innocent?

Mouse and the Ball

A mouse determined to be independent. A ball python with an insatiable urge to protect his main squeeze. Will Wasabi Wednesdays prove too hot for these two to handle?

Ever since she was rescued, Julietta DiCarlo has been put off by the smexy man her inner beastie desires. Tired of being treated to the rough side of Dr. Damon Finn’s tongue, Julietta decides it’s time for this little mouse to find her spine at FUC Academy. If the ball python wants his mate, he’s going to have to change his perspective. Will Damon convince Julietta mating him isn’t all bad?

*These 3 paranormal romance EveL Worlds novellas are set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) World.

Guardians of Chaos Volume 2

Journey with our remaining Guardians of Chaos who have sworn a vow to keep magic free for all beings. Waging a war with supernaturals is never easy. Will finding their mates make their jobs easier or will it wreak havoc with their duties?


Panther Shield

She’s a fierce Panther Shifter fighting to preserve the freedom of all magic. He’s a normal with a target on his back. Will she risk it all for him?

Witch Shield

She’s on a mission to prove magic exists. He has to change her mind.

Vampire Shield

He left her behind years ago. She’s never forgotten.

Guardians of Chaos Volume 1

The Guardians of Chaos have sworn a vow to keep magic free. Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, will finding their mates be the tie that binds, or will it weaken their cause?


Wolf Shield

Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, the human woman is about to get got unless he steps in.

Dragon Shield

He’s the leader of an elite force fighting a supernatural war, she’s been under a magic spell that’s kept her captive for centuries, can they find peace in each other? 

Stallion Shield

He knows she’s his mate, but this stubborn kitchen Witch isn’t making things easy.