Claiming His Virgin Mate

Alex Kensington is a Tiger Shifter from the Island Stripe Pride. In Maccon City on business for his Neta, he runs into the one person he never expected to meet. His fated mate.

Margaret Flint is just trying to live her best life running her late father’s seaside motel down in the Jersey Shore town of Maccon City.  At twenty-nine years old, she never expected to wind up back at The Sunset Inn, raising her much younger sister, Joelle.

When unforeseen events cause her to be late with her mortgage payment, she learns someone else has bought the loan. Some New York City business tycoon who is trying to force her out! But Maggie will not give up without a fight.

Will Alex follow his instructions and toss the female out on her ear, or will he claim her as his own?

Blood Song

Her blood sings for him, will he answer the call?

Aleksei Delov is the owner of Timeless Possessions, part of a global conglomerate of corporations. The immortal Vampire Prince is renowned for his ability to acquire authentic, priceless antiques for his various private clientele. Alek’s reputation is everything, until he meets her.

Carina Martin has a unique talent to find objects and to identify them by touch. She uses it for other people in order to eke out a meager living among other normals along the East Coast, but there is more to life than that, and she is dying for a piece of it.

When someone robs Aleksei and passes off fakes in his name, he tracks Carina down and offers his patronage in exchange for the use of her abilities.

But he is not prepared for his reaction to the beautiful normal. Can he resist the female, or will he be seduced by her blood song?

Hers to Bear

Barvale might be home to one of the biggest Bear Shifter Clans in the entire continent of North America, but shhhh…it’s a secret!

“Crazy” Maisy Daniels couldn’t leave Barvale fast enough after high school. She’d earned that hated nickname after telling her classmates she’d seen a boy change into a Bear just behind the football field!

A social pariah and the butt of every joke in her grade, it was no wonder she’d promised herself to never step foot in that godforsaken town again. But when her dad has emergency surgery, who else can help? Maisy returns home to find things are a mess. The tractor is broken and there are only a few hours until the

Daniels Farm Annual Haunted Halloween Hay Ride & Spooky Soiree begins. Unfortunately, the only repair shop open belongs to the bane of her high school days, Arthur Lance himself. It’s time for Maisy to just grin and bear it!

Arthur Lance just opened his third full service garage and automotive repair shop in his hometown of Barvale, New Jersey. Business was going great, but his Bear wasn’t satisfied with a job well done. The silly animal was still pining for the one who got away back in high school. Burying himself in work was the only thing he could do to keep his beast placated and his human side sane.

Maybe his fate is to be alone as punishment for hurting the only female he’d ever wanted? His Bear can’t stand the thought. He’s stuck at work on Mischief Night, when to his surprise he gets a frantic call from Maisy Daniels herself. Finally, Arthur has another chance.

Will Maisy accept him as her fated mate when he finally reveals the truth?

*As seen in A Cursed All Hallow’s Eve Anthology

A Bear For Christmas

At 47 years old, Jillian Osborn was too old to believe in fairy tales and finding love twice in one lifetime wasn’t in the cards for her, or was it? Every time she saw him, she couldn’t help but long for the handsome Tim Jacobs in spite of her honorable husband’s memory.

Ornery widower and Black Bear Shifter, Tim Jacobs had already found his true love. After his first wife passed away, he wanted nothing to do with the opposite sex. Then Jillian walked into his life, and he’s been lusting after the stubborn flower shop owner ever since.

It didn’t help that his daughter and her stepdaughter were BFFs. The confounded woman was everywhere he went. Every social event and gathering without fail.

When the girls plan for a family holiday dinner together, Tim is determined to stay away for both their goods. Then Jillian knocks on his door demanding an explanation. It’s all the older Bear can do to keep his animal from staking his claim. His Black Bear knows what he wants, but his human side just isn’t sure.

Will Jillian wind up with a Bear for Christmas?

The Enforcer

She’s a sorceress sworn to protect a young Were whose very life is on the line. He’s an Enforcer charged with bringing them in.

Garren Strengest is a man of honor and principle, but when he discovers his lady fair in Isabeau Rose, all bets are off. Her safety is the most important thing. Can he get her to give up the one thing she’s promised to protect in order to keep her out of danger?

Dragon Shield

Kingston Baldric is a Diamond Dragon Shifter and the leader of the Guardians of Chaos. Holley Mount is a Witch who has been trapped in the walls of the Guardians’ Keep for almost three hundred years. A devoted soldier, Kingston has already paid the ultimate price for duty causing him to seal off his Dragon’s heart for good. But can Kingston resist the call of his fated mate?

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Wolf Shield

Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, the human woman is about to get got unless he steps in.

Hudson Stormwolfe is a Wolf Shifter and a Guardian of Chaos. Fergie McAndrews is a typical normal with an atypical obsession for shoes. Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, the human woman is about to get got unless he steps in. Her voice, her scent, her smile, all call to his inner Wolf. Ready or not, this Guardian has found his fated mate, but can he save the fiery redhead from harm and convince her that she belongs to him?

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The Tiger King’s Christmas Bride

He’s the ruler of a Tiger Pride spending the holidays in his solitary cabin in the woods. She’s a nail technician on her way to a client’s house before her Christmas vacation.

When her car spins out of control on the icy road, and crashes into a tree, she is stranded with no help in sight until he happens upon her.
Saving the strange woman from certain death will put a damper in his plans to spend the holidays alone, but his Tiger is convinced she is more to him than meets the eye.

Can he convince the dark haired beauty to be his Christmas bride?

Find out in this classic holiday romance with a furry twist!

Mated To The Werewolf Next Door

She’s on the run from her ex-husband to protect her half-Shifter daughter. He’s trying to clear his name after being falsely convicted of a crime. Fate has brought them to the same seaside town, but the rest is up to them.

Will he ignore his Wolf’s claim that she is his mate? Can she somehow learn to love again?

Find out in this classic romance tale with a furry twist!

*Hello readers, As those who follow me know, this story was previously titled Foster. It has now been placed in a different setting and has had an additional 15,000 words added since its previous release in a multi-author anthology. I am the sole author, creator, and owner of this content. Thank you and happy reading!

Elvish Lover

The Warrior of Osiris, Medjed himself, is walking the Earth with no purpose, and that spells trouble for his friends. He is sent to the North Pole to do a little recon far away from his new Shifter buddies. But imagine his surprise when he runs into a Christmas Elf who happens to be his mate! Can East meet West in this comedic tale of romance, mishaps, and a Demon who’s in love?

It’s a holiday tale like no other with an appearance from the big guy himself, that’s right, Santa Claus! Will Medjed claim his mate before midnight on Christmas Eve or will she disappear until Santa’s magical village returns for the holidays next year? 

*Note for my readers…

If you want to know more about Medjed please pick up my Wyvern Protection Series!