Moongate Island Christmas Claim

She’s an overworked executive. Can he show her some fun?

A Vampire needing a vacation, goes to an island predominantly inhabited by shifters. What could possibly go wrong?

How about an accidental claiming ceremony on Christmas Eve that proves binding by supernatural law? It’s not a matter of who bit who, despite the feuding couples’ claims when they take it to the Island Judge.

The real question is whether Adam, a solitary Shark Shifter, and Eve, a Vampire trying to find peace in her busy life, will end up claimed for life?

Find out in this Moongate Island Christmas tale!

The Wolf’s Winter Wish

Some wishes come true in the strangest ways…

Meeting her mate while treating him for a concussion was not how Eira Sidak expected her holidays to go down, but sometimes accidents happen.

When the she-Wolf took up her residency at Macconwood Memorial Hospital, she expected long nights and plenty of cases. She just wasn’t expecting him.

Cannon Bartolf was aptly named, or so everyone in his Pack said. Always charging in headfirst, it’s no surprise a spontaneous game of football ends with him in the ER. At the mercy of his doctor, Cannon wants nothing more than to go home.

Will the surprisingly sexy little she-Wolf grant him his holiday wish?

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Tiger Rejected

Can a Tiger with a bad rep learn to take no for an answer? 

Ever since Mara Casabella’s sister mated a Pride Enforcer it’s been nothing but Tigers running around her once quaint hometown. These felines are furr-ociously ill-mannered and conceited to boot. Mara doesn’t have time for their games.

But what’s a Bunny to do when a cocky tom-Cat starts sniffing around her cutesy cottontail? Run, that’s what! And if that doesn’t work, rejecting him in front of his whole crew should.

Bruno D’Italia is a smooth-talking Tiger with no problem notching his bed post at home. When he’s assigned to the security detail at the Island Pride Mountain Resort, Bruno assumes it’s going to be easy pickins with the local ladies. He’s set his sights on one smexy kit, but this female wants nothing to do with him. 

Can Bruno handle the rejection, or will he use every trick in the book till this little Bunny says yes?

Bearing Gifts

She’s making a list, and he’s checking it twice

Wade Kettle is raking in the dough, and the females, at his new place of business, Barvale’s own Bar None. He’s gorgeous, charming, and has the sexiest body Charity has ever seen.

The man was number one on her Christmas list! In fact, he was the only thing on it. But what’s a curvy waitress gotta do to get some attention from her stud muffin boss? The Bear doesn’t even know she’s alive!

Sigh. It’s nothing but champagne dreams and beer bottle pockets when it comes to love for Charity Smith.

Everyone wants a piece of Wade, including the cute little Vixen he hired a few months ago. She’s hot alright, but this former playbear is through playing the field. With all his pals finding their fated mates, Wade can’t help but think there is more to life than another notch in his bedpost.

To prove he’s changed his ways, Wade vows to spend this Christmas alone. But when someone plays Cupid with this year’s Secret Santa, the Black Bear is in for a big surprise.

Will the Vixen get her Christmas wish, or will Wade mess up his only chance at true love?

Sometimes the only way in out of the cold is to come bearing gifts!

Vampire Shield

He left her behind years ago. She’s never forgotten.

The Loyalist Union of Logic and Order has a new leader, and they are threatening the balance of magic. Witches are being attacked, and Shifters kidnapped, their magic siphoned through ritualistic bloodletting, a dark and ancient Vampiric practice that had not been utilized in an age.

Byram Evers is the only Vampire with the Guardians of Chaos. His Alpha sends him to investigate the mystery behind the magic letting epidemic, and the trail leads Byram back to his former Clan.

And back to her.

Princess Kaelene of the Clan Withers has spent years obeying her father and bowing to the demands of the Vampire laws. Betrayed by love, she refuses all suitors, determined to live the remainder of her life alone. Then he comes back, and her world turns upside down.

Will Byram discover the truth behind the bloodletting and redeem himself to the only woman who ever mattered?

Shifters Ever After

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Shifter Village

Are memories enough to warm his frozen heart?

When Niels Orson is summoned home to attend his grandfather’s funeral, he isn’t prepared to see the one person who could upset his whole life.

Edie Battista. His fated mate.

Beautiful as ever, the mayor of Aster Village and owner of Battista Bakery has blossomed into a striking woman. Sassy and curvy, she is every Bear’s dream. Even if her welcome is less than cordial.

Not that he blames her.

In and out, that’s his plan. But Niels is met with a few surprises from the old man’s last will and testament. He must take steps to claim ownership of the small New Jersey village, or it will be sold to a ruthless developer.

Can Niels’ save the town and claim his mate? Or will he become the ice man everyone thinks he is?

Hungry For Her Bear

Will Donny be able to heal her inner turmoil in order to save her hometown… again?

Castor’s Corner is a special town. A magical town. But it’s also a huge pain in my rear.

Some folks think all I know is hair. Granted, I am a superb stylist with a keen eye. And honestly, I don’t care what anyone says. Beauty is important.

Whether it is a new hair-do or a mani-pedi, changing how someone feels about themselves is a gift. With my special talents, I can improve someone’s day, heal their troubles, and bring them joy. What could be better than that?

The things I can do with a pair of scissors is pure magic. But I am not just a witchy hairdresser. I am one of three witches who make up the trifecta protecting our town. Along with my two BFFs, we keep Castor’s Corner safe from outsiders.

A few moons ago, we kinda let our guard down, and all Hell broke loose in our Jersey shore town. Now, we’ve got three new citizens- one is a seven foot tall hunk who makes my knees weak with his soulful brown eyes and flakey croissants, a few new furry familiars with attitudes the size of Aunt Edna’s wazoo, and the whole revelation that Grandpa Al, who used to be only Evie’s grandfather, was now mine and Bella’s too.

Confused does not even begin to sum up how I am feeling. And I can’t imagine things are going to get any better. How can it when I don’t trust my own feelings?

Avoiding the smexy Shifter is harder than it looks. Especially since he is the only one who can help me channel my suddenly wonky powers, save Grandpa’s ghost from Purgatory, befriend my new familiar who absolutely hates me, and keep my regular clients happy.

Our paths seem irrevocably linked, but I’m not sure I like it. To top it off, a blood moon appears just in time for the town’s annual Halloween Bash, bringing shenanigans, tricksters, and bad juju aplenty.

Can my besties and I rescue Castor’s Corner from certain peril?

Sure. I just have to do it without succumbing to a certain Bear’s charms.

The Dragon’s Dream

He’s a hardcore realist, until she dares him to dream.

Nicholas Graystone’s introduction to the modern world left a lot to be desired. But even after almost killing one of them, the local Falk Clan has generously allowed him and his brother to make a life in Maccon City.

How could he refuse? The answer is simple. He can’t. Especially not after his brother has found his one true fated mate in the Jersey shore town. Carrying his guilt like a cross, Nicholas was resigned to living life alone. But can the TopazDragon find a way to remain engaged or will his fire go out?

Minerva Lykos is a Werewolf and renowned artist who needs a break from the fast paced world she lives in. What better to restore her creative energy than a house on the beach in her hometown of Maccon City?

Of course, the curvy she-Wolf wasn’t expecting to meet her muse in the gorgeous Dragon who lives next door. Can she convince the hunky shifter to pose for her?

Things get heated between the sculptor and the Dragon in this Falk Clan Tale.


This spider shifter is about to get caught in a web of love!

The owner of the Underworld’s premier boutique, Metamorphosis, is too busy to find a boyfriend. Of course, when Eve and Aphrodite set their sights on fixing her up with the man of her dreams, what choice does she have?

It’s off to a round of speed dating for the sassy spider shifter. But Arachne has her misgivings. After all, who could love an eight-legged freak like her?

Griffin Jara is a legate in the Daemonium Guard. Dedicated to his job, the solitary Demon is known for defeating his enemies with his venomous charms. Those same charms have kept him single. All work and no play, Griff’s coworkers are sick of his is impossible attitude.

Ordered to attend the Underworld Cafe’s Wednesday night speed dating event, Griff meets an unusual female who might be able to solve his problem. But can he keep his lust in check long enough to fulfill his end of the deal?

Find out if the sexy demon and the spider queen find compromise in this steamy Underworld tale.

Arachne is part of the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with lustful half-demons, sultry spider shifters, and more.