Purrfectly Caught

A Maverick Pride Tale Book 4

She is determined to live alone. He won’t take no for an answer.

Moving to a new town isn’t easy, but Kylie McNaughton is determined to get away from her old South Carolina Pride. When she’s accepted by the Neta of Maverick Point, it’s almost too good to be true. Finally, she can just live in peace and lose herself in her designs.

Never mind the gorgeous male who gives her goosebumps every time he is near. Kylie doesn’t have time for a mate. Things heat up when the persistent Tiger refuses to take no for an answer.

Michael Turner is the Pride healer and one of the Neta’s own Honor Guard. His Tiger is positive the curvy blonde Shifter his mate, but she runs every time she sees him!

Flabbergasted by her behavior, he is ready to throw in the towel. But when Uncle Uzzi comes to visit with bad tidings from the Shifter Council, it seems Kylie’s old Pride wants her returned to them. Now.

Mikey is forced to make a decision that puts him at odds with the blonde beauty, but it’s just what he needs to catch the curvy female.

Will an old enemy break up the newly mated pair?