Blood Moon

A Grazi Kelly Novel 6

Teenage Werewolves. Demons. Witches. A Curse that must end.

Journey into the Grazi Kelly Universe with this heart pounding Young Adult Urban Fantasy series featuring teen Werewolf Maria Graziana Kelly, aka Grazi, as she comes of age and learns the truth behind the mystery of who she really is.

“Everyone always says how big the ocean is, but those are just empty words until you actually see it. 
It was honestly and truly the biggest thing I’d ever seen. I’d visited the Jersey Shore a time or two as a kid but sitting on a crowded beach and looking out over the water from the deck of a ship were two very different things. I liked the beach, don’t get me wrong, but this was something else.”

Teenage Werewolf Grazi Kelly must end the Curse of Natalis once and for all. With the help of Ronan and some unlikely allies she finds herself in a situation she could’ve never predicted. Will she be strong enough to fight both the Dark Witches and the High Council?

Find out what fate has in store for Grazi this last installment of the Grazi Kelly Novel Series.

*This Young Adult Urban Fantasy series is a set of clean reads that are the foundation for my Grazi Kelly Universe. Contains mild violence.

Popular Tropes

Chosen One, Werewolf Curse, Coming of Age, Secret Magical World, Fated Mates

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “When you are a 15 year old nerdy loner, an orphan, bullied by your own cousin, and find out you are not only a werewolf, but a pretty special one, that’s just one more thing to deal with in teenagerhood. I can tell, I’m going to love this series!” -Bookbub Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “In this story Grazi is off to another country to help her grandfather the pack Alpa deal with the loss of their wolves except during a full moon. She was able to help the pack in the USA so this should be a piece of cake right? Well not… Her mother, and Nonna and newly found little brother are also there so she is in some company that doesn’t want her dead at least. Ronan her faithful newly found mate is with her as well but this is where his family live and they hate Grazi. Will anything go right for her?” -Bookbub Reviewer

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