The Bear Claw Tales

Meet the Devlin brothers, Marcus, Daniel, Taylor and Nate, four Bear Shifters on the hunt for their one true mates! Owners and operators of the famous Bear Claw Bakeries, these growly men need to hurry and find their mates before their wild side becomes too much to bear!


Bear Claw Tales by C.D. Gorri

“He’s looking for his mate. She just wants to have fun. Will Leya and Marcus find their destiny one hot summer night?”
Bearly Breathing by C.D. Gorri
"She knows he's the one, but he is fighting it tooth and nail, or in this case, claw!"

Bearly There by C.D. Gorri
"He’s a Clan Enforcer who’s sworn off women. She’s a human female looking for protection. Will fate bring the two of them together?"
Bearly Tamed by C.D. Gorri
"He’s an artist, she’s a doctor, can their worlds mix long enough for them to be mated?"
Bearly Mated by C.D. Gorri
The Bear Claw Tales Complete Series (box set)
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