Cowboy Devil’s Embrace

He’s been looking for someone to hold onto. She’s been waiting for the right guy.

The Jersey Devil has a jaded past. Too many loveless affairs, sleazy backroom deals, and an overall loss of his love for life has led Maximillian Leeds to one conclusion. He needs a change. And what could be more different for a city slicker than buying a ranch in Northern New Jersey?

There’s just one problem. He needs someone to help him run it. An announcement in a supernatural newsletter gets him a misfit group of lone shifters that all have one thing in common. They each need an anchor to settle their beasts. Good thing the Motley Crewd Ranch is fully insured.

Max is a rock ‘n roll muscle car kinda guy. What’s he doing on a horse? No one in his crew knows the answer to that question. After days of getting tossed around like a throw doll, he drives into town for a little TLC from the Devil’s Food Bakery.

He just wasn’t counting on meeting her there. The pouty-lipped maker of decadent delights makes his mouth water.

Will the Jersey Devil meet his match in a curvy baker with a penchant for chocolate?  

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