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Good morning and happy Friday!

I was asked a super cool question from a reader about my books and I just wanted to talk about it for a second.

Yes, my books are all interconnected (even the ones set in other authors' worlds) as they all fall under my own Grazi Kelly Universe. ;-)

Does that mean you have to read every single one in order to understand? Nope. Not at all.

Do I think you should? Well. Duh! LOL Yes, I want you to read everything, but each series is pretty much set up to stand on its own.

I do leave clues to other series and characters do make guest appearances. My job as a writer is to entertain and tell a story and I just love it when those stories connect folks you would never expect.

Take my Jersey Devil Shifters! First introduced in my Purely Paranormal Pleasures book Marked By The Devil, the concept of a Jersey Devil Shifter came to me because I absolutely love my home state and enjoy incorporating local places and lore in my books.

When I got the opportunity to write in one of my favorite writers of all time, Eve Langlais' FUCN'A world I knew I was going to put a Devil in the mix over there! And I did in Chinchilla and the Devil !

Both these books are in different worlds but connect through their own family, the Leeds family, which is the name of the family rumored to have begun the legend of the Jersey Devil!

Again, in my fave world to write in, Milly Taiden's worlds that is, I use characters from another PPP book, Grizzly Lover, to connect to my Wyvern Protection Unit series set in Mt Worlds FPU series! Tempting Her Protector is the latest book live in that series and I hope to have book 3 out next month.

You don't have to read the connected books to enjoy a single one, but I always say these are better read together as you get a more complete picture of the characters that way and for me as a writer and reader, I just find it enhances the experience.

I hope this answers some of your questions! And please, keep them coming, I love to connect with readers.

Wishing you safe, sound, and happy reading always!


C.D. Gorri


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