Vampire Lover: Purely Paranormal Pleasures


“What are you doing?” he breathed the question more than spoke it.

“Who me?” She whispered into the dimly lit room. There was barely enough space for the two of them to stand, but he liked it that way. Liked having her close.

Terrence swallowed. She was so near now. Her soft breasts pressed against his hard chest. He felt them as if she were standing there in the nude despite the thick sweater she wore.

“You,” he whispered back, his breath mingling with her.

A slow, wicked grin spread across her face. She placed her hands flat against his chest, sliding them slowly upwards until they gripped his collar. Then she pulled.

“This,” she said and mashed her sweet mouth to his.

Terrence held his breath for just one moment. He wanted to feel nothing but her lips. The softness, the steadily building pressure. He wanted to savor it, to imprint it on his memory.

This was it. The very moment when he decided what the rest of his life would be. He could push her way, excuse himself, pack his apartment up and leave town. He could spare her all of the disbelief and possible anguish of finding out that the unthinkable really did walk beside her on this very planet.

Or he could breathe. He could inhale all the earthy freshness of her scent, explore the depths of her mouth as she wanted him to. He could bite her. Swallow her blood, let it slide down his throat, solidifying their bond for eternity.

Decisions never were his strong suit. Terrence sometimes took hours deciding what tie to wear with what shirt. How could he decide his fate and hers in mere seconds?

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