The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1

Shifter Romance Series Boxed Set

The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1 is a 3 book set by C.D. Gorri, Steamy Paranormal Romance Author, featuring sexy Werewolf Shifters and their mates!


Wolf Bride: The Tale of Ailis and Eoghan: The Macconwood Pack Tales 1
"One bride, two Wolves, and a love neither of them knew was possible."

Summer Bite: Mason and Abigail: The Macconwood Pack Tales 2
"Sometimes love comes back to bite you."

Charley's Baby Surprise: Rafe and Charley: The Macconwood Pack Tales 4 
"Can Alpha wolf, Rafe Maccon, survive his mate’s pregnancy?"

In the Macconwood Pack, each book tells the story of how one (or more) Pack members find true love. Each book is a complete story and can be read alone, though I admit they are better read in order so you can get a real feel for the characters as they will show up in each other's stories. After all, Pack is family! 

*These books are available for individual purchase. Look for Shifters Furever: The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 2 now available

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