The Dragon's Secret: A Falk Clan Tale (The Falk Clan Series Book 4)

“She just wants a little fun, he’s looking for a lifetime.”

Melody Casper is all work and no play! She spends eighty-hours a week crunching numbers for Merlin Banking Solutions, the most secure supernaturally run bank in the world. Talk about boring! 

One failed marriage behind her, this Coyote Shifter is more than ready for a little fun! What better place to let her hair down than the annual World Banks Charity Ball? 

Nikolai Falk needs a break from the pressure of finding a mate! With three brothers wed and mated, Niko is the last single Dragon in his Clan. Called away to the city to represent the family’s interests, he attends a charity ball where he discovers the one the Fates designed just for him.

Can Nikolai convince his sexy Coyote that she is his one true mate?

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