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You asked for it...

In response to my question of whether or not anyone would like a teeny little unedited snippet of Pinch of Sass coming late this month to MT Worlds Press...her ya go!

“OH MY GAWD,” Ariella Golden moaned loudly and slammed her hands on the uncovered wood table of her new favorite haunt in Blue Creek.

The salmon sashimi appetizer with slices of fresh avocado, wasabi ginger sauce, and little fried wontons to scoop up the pieces, was possibly the best she’d ever had. If it wasn’t already famous for the generous drink menu, featuring locally brewed IPAs and artisan liquors, the kickass live music, and the over-the-top gorgeous owners, Serious Moonlight would be a hit for the food alone.

The establishment was still fairly new to town and was run by a small Dire Wolf MC that had recently relocated to Blue Creek. But that wasn’t the reason she found herself dining in at the roadhouse three times a week, minimum. The truth was Ariella just couldn’t stay away. Despite the constant disregard, her Lioness insisted that Brock Laurent, head chef and Beta Wolf, was her fated mate. So yeah, she fed her lonely heart on the mere fact that he was near to her whenever she dined in the roadhouse. Hell, she would go every single day, but then he might get the wrong idea. Like the fact she was little better than a stalker. Sigh.

But what was she supposed to do? She’d tried to forget about him by throwing herself into work, but every night when she went to bed there he was, big and blonde and larger than life.

Over the past three months Ariella had single-handedly made Eat Well Live Proud the biggest sustainably harvested seafood distributor in the area! Of course, she did that by securing accounts across her own hometown of Blue Valley, Maccon City, Barvale, Northern, East Cove, Daniels’ Bay, and most of neighboring Blue Creek. Serious Moonlight was the one hold out.

Yes, they ordered most of their meat and some of their fish from LWEP, but not all. And it was all that she was after. It would allow her to claim the most accounts accrued in one quarter than all her Pride mates back at the corporation. Something of a big deal since the winner got an all-expense-paid-two-week-vacation to Moongate Island!

The exclusive resorts located there catered to the supernatural crowd and Ariella had always wanted to go. In fact, it had been earmarked as the honeymoon of her dreams since she was a cub. Images of a big strong man who could handle her Lioness’ curves and less than gracious exuberance with ease and diplomacy, who wanted and loved her, who was packing and in a big way, and who would hand feed her all sorts of delicious island delicacies flashed through her brain.

Okay, so it was a bizarre fantasy, but it was hers, and she would so own it! Sigh. Ariella had always imagined what would happen the day she found her mate. Not everyone, Shifter or normal, believed in destiny, but Ariella was a dreamer. She couldn’t wait to lavish the never-ending supply of love and affection she’d been saving since forever on her lucky mate.

Heck, that wasn’t all she’d been saving. Oh, Ari enjoyed sexy fun times as much as the next girl, but most boys were so fragile they could hardly take getting to third base with her. So yep, she was still technically a virgin, and at almost thirty years old, that sucked big time.

All the vibrators and sexy toys in the world couldn’t make up for how it would feel to be claimed by her one true mate. But the stuck-up, goody-two shoes, all about himself, Chef and Beta Wolf, Brock Laurent, didn’t want her! Pain shot through her veins at the thought, replacing the euphoric haze she’d been in after consuming every last bite of her appy. Dang it. She hated it when that happened!

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