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I promised you some fun facts so here I go...

Hey everyone,

The internet is just so darn cool cause even though we need to isolate ourselves, we're not alone as long as we have wifi and books. ;-) You've seen my list of freebies, but if anyone just wants to chat go ahead and drop me a PM or an email and i will answer as soon as I can. <3

So, like I promised, here are some fun facts about my Grazi Kelly Universe that I thought you might like:

#1 Before the conclusion of the series in Blood Moon, Werewolves can only change during the full moon except for Grazi who is unlike any other wolf in the Pack

#2 Hounds of God work for the Catholic Church fighting evil to protect the world, not perfect, Grazi soon discovers this organization needs a serious overhaul

#3 Werewolves can smell lies and emotions

#4 Werewolves are for the most part honest, loyal, and very strong

#5 Dark Witches have been causing unnatural droughts, floods, and extreme weather conditions

#6 Humans do not know about Shifters

#7 After the Curse of St. Natalis is broken, Werewolves need to learn to reconnect with their animals in a way that is both astounding and heartbreaking

#8 Vampires exist, but they are not the undead, they are a mutated species of human that need blood to survive

#9 Other Shifter groups exist in the GK Universe

#10 The Wardens of Terra is an organization much older than the Hounds of God, after the hounds disband they are called forth to protect the Earth, you can find out more about them HERE

I'll be back tomorrow with my newsletter and some more fun.

Have an awesome day,

C.D. Gorri

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