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Goodbye March!

Usually out like a lamb, this March has kind of left me wanting...with the pandemic running amok and causing massive upheavals in all our lives, we have also had nothing but rain for a full week and I am ready for some sunshine.

I know we are fairing extremely well through all of this, and I am grateful, truly, but how do you keep a family together when the only outlets you have are with each other?

Okay, so here is how we have been holding up... with something new every day, and a few, okay a lot of messes, cause hey tables and dishes are washable, we've been able to not kill each other. I included some pics below of Gorri family activities during this period of social-distancing. We have a little seed starter, a home-school comic strip assignment, some fresh baked muffins, homemade pasta, and a little rock painting for safe indoor fun.

I know it's not easy on any of us, and these aren't fixes for the serious problems out there, but it is a way to pass the time and not loose our cool. We've been taken out of our normal routines and thrust into one that was almost unimaginable before it happened. And if I've learned one thing over the past few weeks, it's that the little things matter.

An impromptu hug or declaration of love, a sing-a-long while we're washing the dishes, walking the dogs together and holding hands, and even just accepting it with a smile when we need alone time in our own rooms away from each other.

Kindness, understanding, and respect are important.

Love is always there, but this forced togetherness has taught us a lot about compassion and what it means to be truly appreciative and grateful for all we have.

Thank you to everyone battling this thing, and to all of you heroes staying home and making it a positive experience for your families. You are rock stars!


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