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Read my books...

No. Seriously. Read my books. Let me entertain you for a little while. Leave reviews. Spread the word. To me, authors and readers have this wonderful relationship that is both mystifying and magical! I write and you read. What could be better?

And the PMs and emails? Keep them coming. I love to interact with my readers. You guys are truly the best!

Now occasionally, I get requests for free copies of books in my inbox and I am usually happy to comply. Unfortunately, I can't always do this. Here is the deal, trying to succeed in this business is pretty difficult. Authors typically make less than a quarter for every book sold. I won't even tell you what we make on KU. It's pathetic. I've recently been told I was just another greedy author who just wants to make money and ignore the reader, and, well, it kinda stung.

Money is tight everywhere and I truly sympathize. I do put a lot of my books on KU in the hopes of getting new readers who like what I have to offer and will maybe leave a review or two (pretty please). I even use this subscription service myself. As a reader, I love Kindle Unlimited. I understand not everyone can afford this, and I hope you will understand not every author can afford to give away books all the time.

Now, that is not to say I am stingy. I have an ARC Team where readers who promise to post their honest reviews at the time of the book's release can get advanced copies of new books. If you are interested, check out my Paranormal Pack and PM me for info. (This is a Facebook group for now, sorry if you are not a user.)

As far just wanting free books without having to leave reviews and promote for the author, please sign up for my newsletter and you will be notified when my books are on sale or free. I run freebies all the time. I also feature other authors who sometimes have freebies and sales as well. There is always something good going on.: NEWSLETTER SIGN UP

Thank you and I hope you will give authors the benefit of the doubt when requesting a free book. This is our livelihood and it is a business. If you want to keep reading us, we have to make it succeed.

THANK YOU! Happy Reading!

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