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SALE July 24-26!

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Dragon Mates: The Falk Clan Complete Series is on sale July 24-26 for just #99pennies on Amazon US!

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The Falk Clan Tales are my stories surrounding four Dragon Shifter brothers and how they find their one true mates!

Each brother's chest is marked with his rose, the magical link to his heart and his magic. They each have a matching gemstone to go with it.

In The Dragon's Valentine, we meet the eldest Falk brother, Callius. He is on a mission to find a Castle and his one true mate, one he can trust with his diamond rose....

“She’s given up on love, but he’s just begun…”

In The Dragon’s Christmas Gift, our attention shifts to Alexsander, the youngest brother of the four. He has resigned himself to a life alone, until he meets her...

“His heart is frozen; can she change his mind about love?”

The Dragon’s Heart is the story of Edric Falk who has vowed never to love again, but that changes when he meets his feisty mate, Joselyn Curacao.

“Some wounds run deep, can a Dragon’s heart be unbroken?”

Meet Nikolai Falk in The Dragon’s Secret and the sexy, previously married Shifter who is just what the dragon ordered...

“She just wants a little fun, he’s looking for a lifetime.”

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