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A Silver Wedding is here!


Yep, a whole month early!

You can read Matt and Lilly's story now #FREE with #KindleUnlimited!

Tagline: "She was taken from him once before, now he's never letting go." Blurb: Lt. Matt Larentia has waited a lifetime to be reunited with his one true mate, Claire Lilly Maccon. Twenty years apart has changed the two Werewolves. As the mother of the Alpha, Lilly has a role to fulfill in the Macconwood Pack. She's missed so much of her children's lives, she doesn't want to isolate them now. Matt has been patient, but he's not a young pup anymore. He simply won't wait another minute. He delivers an ultimatum that Lilly just can't accept. Can the two lovers bridge the gap between them and embrace their second chance at love? *NOTE This book picks up where To Claim A Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #5 leaves off! It is better to read it after that one (not necessarily the others, though I recommend getting the whole series!).

*If you were among the first to get this book you may notice the note

to my readers had not been updated yet, I have fixed the issue and wanted to apologize here for the error! Thanks for understanding!

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