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My thoughts on editing/proofreading...

So, an author I know and had the pleasure of working with over the years (love this gal) brought up a very interesting question about editing/proofreading and the indie world, wanting to know if authors seriously publish without hiring an editor and the conversation that developed was very interesting.

My reply was this:

Very good questions and the answer is you really can’t tell who is and isn’t a qualified editor. Is it the person charging more money for their service? Do you need a proofread or a serious edit? Traditionally published books have teams of editors, proofreaders, and beta readers and yet I find errors in them all the time.

A good book to me isn’t one free of errors, it’s one where the story is good and it flows. Errors happen, writers are human. So for reviewers who complain about a misspelling or a grammatical error in an indie book, well I take those with a grain of salt. I know when I publish I’ve done my best to get it proofed and edited. If a reader finds a mistake along the way I encourage them to shoot me a message or email. It’s like if I was leaving the ladies room with toilet paper on my shoe, give a girl a heads up, you know! Lol!

I'd also like to add I have a woman proof/edit my books and I think she's fantastic. But it took me a couple of years before I could pay for such a thing so I totally get it.

For those authors lacking the means to pay for a proof/edit of your book there are other ways. Ask fellow authors if they have the time to do a quick proof, ask readers/reviewers to be part of a Beta Reader team for you. You can use Facebook or Goodreads to find them. It takes work and effort but your book is worth it.

Good luck to you and never give up. <3


To the amazing readers out there who read our work, who take the chance on unknown authors, I for one, totally appreciate your kindness, encouragement, and support. If you find a mistake in one of mine and happen to drop me a PM, thanks! Errors fall through the cracks sometimes. It happens. (((blushes))) But thank you for allowing me the opportunity to correct it. Happy reading!

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