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Coming June 7th!

Marked By The Devil: Paranormal Romance That Rocks by C.D. Gorri

Tall, dark, and handsome, Avail Leeds is just your average little Jersey Devil! The millionaire playboy is determined to keep his true nature secret from the prying eyes of the public. Insta-famous for his scandalous lifestyle, one nefarious accusation has him hiding in his tower! Hardly the image for a devil like him, but what's a guy to do when the family lawyers order him to stay put?

Stephanie Decatur has no idea what she's setting herself up for when she comes knocking on the door of the infamous Avail Leeds. The sassy female knows the Leeds family as well established supporters of the preservation of the Pine Barrens and that's all she cares about! Her committee is trying to stop a new development company from tearing down acres of the land for a new strip mall and she's short the funds needed to keep it a sanctuary for local wildlife. Surely, the millionaire can spare some cash for a good cause? What does she have to lose by asking?

It's the last quarter moon, Avail's Devil is bursting to be let out when a curvy young woman comes knocking on his door! It's too late for her to run away once he sets eyes on her. Beast and man agree, this female has been marked by the devil!



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