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Snow Angel: A Macconwood Novella

Snow Angel is here!

Werewolves mate for life. Dr. Rayne Davis is dedicated to her patients and Packmates, the only thing missing from this Wolf's life is someone to share it with. That’s all about to change when she takes off for a weekend getaway and finds herself at the door of the one man who'd caught her attention, but managed to get away, Cael Evangelos.

Rayne thought she had found the love of her life when she first met and dated the financial wiz who also worked for Macconwood Memorial Hospital, but their relationship was cut short when he was forced to leave his job under a cloud of accusations regarding mishandled funds.

Chance puts him back in her life, and Rayne knows she can't let him get away again, but this big Werewolf has some healing to do before they can be together. Rayne might just be the medicine Cael needs to get his life back.

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