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Purrfectly Kissed by C.D. Gorri

A Maverick Pride Tale #2

TBR January 10, 2019


“Excuse me, Mrs. Wilder?” Jessica snuck inside the conference room shortly after leaving the scene in the living room behind.

Whatever had made the Pride Beta want to strangle Reg was something she didn’t want to know about. Especially since Brayden had been checking out the four skinny Tigress beyotches that had come to get their appointment cards for this meet and greet with Mrs. Wilder.

The hell with those women. They never paid Jessica any mind except to make nasty quips about her size even though they frequented the boutique she ran in town. She was fluffy but she had good taste. Practical and sexy, that was her motto.

Apparently being a shop owner meant Jessica couldn’t scratch the eyes out of those two-faced she-Cats when they hassled her. Nope. She had to grin and bear it if she wanted to stay in business. And she did.

Sure, she had some money in a trust, but after using some as start up cash for her shop, she wanted to leave the rest untouched for her future cubs. Cubs she wouldn’t have if she didn’t find a mate.

Her boutique meant a lot to her, and just lately she was expanding with an online store. It was looking good too and she was getting more and more orders every day. She was one of the few shops that catered to both typical and larger body sizes.

Jess had always been a big girl. And no, she didn’t mean big boned. Jessica was a Shifter. She liked food and it showed. She had meaty thighs, a sizeable ass, one or three belly rolls, and big, heavy breasts. Still, she liked her body.

She was not going to apologize to anyone for it. And she liked pretty things. Clothes that made her feel feminine without shaming her body type. Jessica’s Closet provided her with an outlet to help other big and small women alike find clothes to make them feel pretty too.

She used to think her store was all she needed. But she was getting older now and she wanted a mate. She’d finally come to the realization after running after Lance for a few weeks. Her attempts at vamping him had yielded little results.

The slightly younger Tiger was a straight up playa. She was fine with a little no-stress sex. Wanted it in fact. But he had too much respect for her brother, the Neta, to mess around with her.

She accepted the letdown gracefully. It wasn’t like she’d offered herself to him, but it had been a near thing. Thankfully he’d spared her the embarrassment in a very tactful way.

“You’re not like the other women in the Pride, Jessi-cat. You’re the Neta’s sister. You’re special. Some day you will meet a great guy who will want nothing better than to kiss you silly for days on end. I just hope he’s worthy of you,” Lance had said, then he’d patted her shoulder in a brotherly way and walked off.

The image he’d left etched in her mind of kisses that could last for days had made her burn with curiosity. Yes. That was exactly what Jessica wanted.

A big, hunky man who desired her above all others. Who wanted to get to know her mind as well as her body. And most of all, who wanted to kiss her silly for days on end.

So yeah, she was technically twenty minutes early for her time slot with Mrs. Wilder, but since it didn’t look like anyone was with the enigmatic woman, she took a chance and walked into the room with a dish of chocolate caramel brownies courtesy of Elissa. That woman was one hell of a cook.

“Come in dear, and please call me Gerri,” the Wolf Shifter smiled at Jessica and held out her hand.

She was older but didn’t really look it despite the chic white bob and the slight crinkling at the corners of her sparkling blue eyes. Flecks of gold flickered throughout, signaling her Wolf was joining them for this conversation.

Jessica shook her hand, promptly ignoring the little shocks she felt when Gerri squeezed for just a moment. Her own Tiger crept forward, sniffing at the other Shifter then settling down. Her animal more than approved of Mrs. Wilder. She couldn’t wait to be mated and this was her best chance.

“My dear you have the most unique teal colored eyes I have ever seen, tell me does your Tiger have them as well?” Gerri asked.

“Yes, actually,” Jessica could feel herself blushing. Not an attractive look on natural redheads.

“Marvelous! Now, why are you here?”

“Well, I know it’s not my turn yet-”

“That’s alright. Looks like my first client is a little busy at the moment. So dating has been rough, huh?”

“You have no idea. I mean Hunter is a great brother, but he can be a little, well, a little, uh-”

“He’s been pussy-blocking you, right?” Gerri nodded.

“Um, what?”

“You are Tigers here? And your Alpha male brother has been denying you some much needed sexy times, am I right? I believe pussy-blocking is the correct term,” Gerri smiled mischievously and bit into a brownie.

“Oh my,” Jessica’s mouth dropped open. She had to remember that term!

“These are divine! That Elissa is amazing,” Gerri sighed and took another bite of her brownie.

“Um, yeah, she is. And yes, you are right. No one will date me because of my brother! And it’s worse, no one will have sex with me!”

“Oh my, are you a virgin?”

“No, but I might as well be. I know I am not like the other women here. I don’t look like the typical Shifter. I’m too tall, I have a big stomach and jiggly thighs, but I’m not hideous or anything, right?”

“Of course not! Did someone say that?”

“No, well, some of the other women imply I’m fat when I see them, but I don’t care what they say. The way I see it, those bitches are just hangry! Like eat a brownie and maybe you won’t be such a bitch,” Jessica snarled.

“Ha! That is hilarious,” Gerri wiped her eye and continued, “I am going to have to remember that one, dear. So tell me, how do you feel about sex?”

“Oh Gerri, I know nothing about it really. The first and only time I ever had sex was with some skinny little normal when I was away on a retreat in college. It lasted all of fifteen minutes and was pretty damn embarrassing. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve been on a real date,” Jessica moaned.

She knew her face was on fire with humiliation, but she just couldn’t hold back.

“Oh honey, that sucks. Now, I know we can do better than that for you. So let me get this straight, you do want sex, right?”

Jessica knew she should be embarrassed but her gaze narrowed. She felt herself nodding. It was true. She did want sex. It was only natural, right? Why should she deny it then?

“Okay, so hot sex is a must. I understand that, any flesh and blood woman would, but am I also right in guessing you want a mate to go with all the hot and sticky times?” Gerri’s eyes flashed gold as she gauged Jessica’s answer.

“Yes,” Jessica said exhaling deeply. Suddenly she knew sex for the sake of sex wouldn’t be enough for her. She needed more than just a roll in the hay. She deserved more.

“Yes,” she answered again with more feeling this time, “I want sex. I want soul-searing, passionate, dirty, messy, heart-stopping sex. But I want more than that, Gerri. I want to be kissed.”

“Honey, now I know that guy in college didn’t know what he was doing because kisses usually do occur before and during sex.”

“I know that, Gerri, but I want real kisses,” she emphasized, “deep, long kisses that last for days. Kisses that touch me inside and leave my toes permanently curled.”

“Wow, sounds like you’ve given that a lot of thought,” Gerri said.

“I have and I know what I want. I want to feel special. To be loved in every way. I want to be kissed, Gerri, like the way I described, deep and long for days on end. And I think you are right. I want a mate.”

“Excellent,” purred Gerri but her attention was behind Jessica’s head.

Tingles danced up and down her spine. They weren’t alone, were they?

Eyes wide, Jess turned to see what the older woman was looking at and she stilled. She could have died right then and there.

Her private conversation with Gerri was not so private. In fact, it had attracted an unexpected pair of ears. Very big, very sexy ears.

Uh oh. She froze.

“Brayden Smith,” said Gerri, “Why don’t you stop hovering near the door and come on in here? Take a seat next to our lovely Jessica.”

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