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DIY activity to make self-quarantine fun!

Hey everyone,

Happy Mother's Day to all you in the UK. <3

So, like many of you the family and I are currently in self-quarantine, practicing our social-distancing as most everyone else in my little part of NJ seem to be doing. Online school is an adventure in and of itself, but what do you do the rest of the day?

Family walks have been kind of cool actually, with the minimum 6 feet of space between us and any neighbors we might encounter on our way. For the most part it has been quiet, but we've seen the odd dog walker and bicyclist along the way.

A friendly wave and nod of the head to acknowledge one another and a smile for the kiddies if we see any others. It is odd and surreal, the way everyone seems shut up inside, but my kids don't really notice yet and they sort of like the time with me and the hubby. I do too.

Inside, board games, binge-streaming TV shows, and even reading have been wonderful for passing the time when hubby and I aren't working. Luckily, I write from home so I've been doing this for years anyway.

Non-stop cleaning and washing dishes has been hell on my hands, but I've solved that issue by rubbing a drizzle of olive oil on them every couple of hours or so. Cooking is another thing that is taking loads of time and space, and wouldn't you know it, the kids want to pitch in here as well. I love to cook and teaching them basic safety skills in the kitchen has been eye opening for both of us.

I had no idea how much I took for granted that my kids would simply know. We've always been a close-knit group, so it was strange to discover there were things I had not realized I lacked in teaching and listening to them. The truth is, we are all kind of getting to know each other better these days. So yeah, talking to my kids and finding out these little babies I managed to grow and keep alive are little individual thinkers of their own.

Kind of neat because, you know, I made them! LOL

Look, I know you know all about these things. This next thing is what I really wanted to talk about...have you all heard about growing herbs and veggies from kitchen scraps!

So freaking cool! It's like home-economics and science class rolled into one! We've done scallions and parsley so far, but I plan on adding celery and potatoes this week. I purchased a potato bag and some soil before this began and can;t wait to have some seed potatoes to start with. The garlic looks promising and onions too. Well, I hope you find this as useful as I did.



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