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Corrected Link and More

Good morning! How is everyone this fine Thursday?

Please let me know if you got my newsletter, and if you did, you might have noticed the link for Chinchilla and the Devil misbehaving! Here is the corrected one ;-) Books2read.com/ChinchillaandtheDevil

*Also, please note this title is not available yet on Amazon but will be on release day, June 16!

Social distancing rules are still firmly in place in the Garden State and my family and I have been busy with homeschooling and trying to get some exercise with walks and bike rides during the days the weather is cooperating. I feel like we're constantly under water here ;-)

But I am grateful for my amazing kids, my patient husband, and for all of my wonderful readers who have taken the time to read my books, write reviews, and said hello on my posts <3 You all rock!

So it's been busy. I've been writing, and cooking, making plot outlines, and cooking, designing covers for myself and a few clients, and cooking, promoting my upcoming releases, and cooking... Okay, I have been doing a lot of cooking!

P.S. Here is the Purrfectly Trapped Link

Here's some pics of what the Gorri clan has been doing and eating, including a shot of nearby street I never knew existed, Wolf Place, can you believe it? LOL!

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