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Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King, & a Demon is here early!

Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King, & a Demon is here early! Grab it now for #99cents!


Stephanie, Cora, and Leandra are all best friends who have all recently met and mated the perfect men for them.

It's Christmas time and these three biffles want to celebrate their happiness together with all the trimmings! Stephanie has found the perfect tree, Cora has the best turkey recipe, and Leandra knows enough beautifully melodic carols to bring them all to tears. There's just one problem. How do you get a Devil, a Dragon King, and a Demon in the holiday spirit?

Leave it to these three sassy women to bring Christmas to their mates!

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*Please note this book was released on the heels of Claimed by the Demon due to a happy error by one of my platforms, it should be read after the first books ;-)

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*Also note Marked By the Devil is on sale for #99cents through the new year!


THANK YOU and Happy Reading!


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