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❤️✨🥊💫NEW RELEASE IN BOX SETS💫🥊✨❤️ Paranormal Romance That Rocks Your World!

Four Amazing box sets that take you into rich worlds of sexy alpha shifters, vampires, and dragons! These sets are sure to leave you with a bite of true love’s desire brought to you by your favorite paranormal romance authors; P.T. Macias, P. Mattern, C.D. Gorri & Amanda Kimberley The Collection: 🔥👉ETERNAL LOVE BITE’S by P.T. Macias "Not all love bites are equal! Some are for eternity!" books2read.com/EternalLoveBites 🔥👉DAMNED BY DESIRE by P Mattern "She has nothing going for her but her quirky beauty but this Supernaturally powerful billionaire will go after her with everything he's got" books2read.com/DamnedByDesire 🔥👉SHIFTERS FUREVER by CD Gorri "Finding love is never easy, but when a Shifter does, it lasts a lifetime!" books2read.com/shiftersfurever 🔥👉ABSOLUTE ALPHAS by Amanda Kimberley “Fallon sees death staring her in the face when she must decide between love for Gavin or her own pack.” books2read.com/absolutealphas #Paranormal #Shifters #Romance #boxsets #newrelease #kindle #nook #apple #kobo #ebooks #pnr #vampires #wolves #demons #angels

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