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COVERS by C.D. Gorri


Hey everyone,

So after years of designing my own covers, I now offer premade and CUSTOM designed covers! 


*You can see more of my work at Mystic Worlds Ink Publications & Designs on Facebook or simply scroll down.

Pricing begins at $45 for a flat ebook cover and can increase depending on how many images I need to purchase to complete the look you desire. For print covers in addition to an ebook cover add $25 to the cost (I will need to know the pages or size of the print cover needed as given by Amazon/D2D etc...).

3D boxed set/anthology images start at $55. I can do either right or left spines for up to 25 authors.

*Email me at if you are interested in seeing more examples of my work or want a quote! 

*All of my covers (with the exception of Bound By Air and Waterlocked) have been made by me. Some were in compliance with the series/group I was involved in.

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