Wyvern Protection Unit

set in MT's WORLD PRESS Federal Paranormal Unit World

Trusting Her Protector

She needs someone to trust, but can he be more than just her protector?

Jasper Wessex has just been given the assignment from hell. Literally. A woman on the run from a minor Egyptian Demon? Um…what?

With his father ailing, normally Jasper would pass on this one, but then he gets a look at her. How can he resist the owner of those flashing blue eyes?

Carolina Moore is in danger, but who can she trust when an ancient Egyptian Demon has decided she is his property and will stop at nothing to claim her?

Recently divorced, she’d just returned from a trip to Egypt where she’d spent time on an archeological dig with a student group as a guest lecturer with an unfortunate souvenir, mainly a Demon who wants her for his own.

Luckily, she is friends with Jennifer Dylluan who assigns her a guard from the Wyvern Protection Unit. But what happens when her protector poses more of a threat to her than the person she was running from?

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Maccon City Shifters: Howls Romance

Mated to the Werewolf Next Door

She's on the run from her ex-husband to protect her half-Shifter daughter. He's trying to clear his name after being falsely convicted of a crime. Fate has brought them to the same seaside town, but the rest is up to them.

Will he ignore his Wolf's claim that she is his mate? Can she somehow learn to love again?

Find out in this classic romance tale with a furry twist!

(You may recognize this tale from Dark Moon Falls Volume II previously titled Foster. It has been rewritten and set in my Grazi Kelly Universe in Maccon City - all reference to DMF has been removed.)

The Tiger King's Christmas Bride

He's the ruler of a Tiger Pride spending the holidays in his solitary cabin in the woods. She's a nail technician on her way to a client's house before her Christmas vacation.
When her car spins out of control on the icy road, and crashes into a tree, she is stranded with no help in sight until he happens upon her.

Saving the strange woman from certain death will put a damper in his plans to spend the holidays alone, but his Tiger is convinced she is more to him than meets the eye.

Can he convince the dark haired beauty to be his Christmas bride?

Find out in this classic holiday romance with a furry twist! 

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