Tempting Her Protector

Federal Paranormal Unit
Wyvern Protection Unit 2

Don’t see this book for sale? Do not panic! THE WPU Tales ARE GETTING A COMPLETE MAKEOVER COMING REAL SOON!!

She’s never been an object of lust, but can this nerdy, curvy girl tempt her smoking hot protector into doing more than just his job?

Larimar Wessex is bored. Dead bored. Like seriously.

With his brother newly mated, and his father on the mend, there is nothing for him to do but wait for his next assignment. Of course, he should’ve been more careful with what he wished for.
Recently returned from an archeological dig in Giza, Kimberley Scott is the first one blamed when the priceless artifacts she brought back go missing.

When she is attacked during routine questioning by an FPU agent, he makes the decision to call in some backup.

Larimar Wessex knows upon seeing her photograph that Kim is his fated mate, and she needs help. But the theft is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a deeper, more sinister plot afoot, and Kim finds herself at the mercy of a man who is prepared to do the unimaginable to get what he wants

Will he be able to save his tempting mate before time runs out?