Shadow Dreams

Crimson Moon Hideaway

Sometimes dreams lead to more than we could ever imagine…

Descended from a forgotten line of donas de fuera, Shadow Capelli’s dreams are about to go up in flames. With bills to pay, no money coming in, and a clinic full of injured and unwanted animals, Fangs & Claws Rescue Center is doomed.

Her non-profit animal rehab and reserve is in danger of closing for good, but Shadow can’t use her powers to save it without upsetting the balance of magic.

The bank is threatening imminent foreclosure. When the bank manager suggests she pay off her debt with him, she balks. Shadow is out of time. She needs money. Fast. With the Crimson Moon Hideaway just a short drive down the road, she decides to try her luck in the infamous casino. What has she got to lose?

Diego Manuel’s inner Otter is gnawing at him to find a mate. Territorial and often ornery, his Boar tends to get in trouble whenever he runs into another Otter raft. But where else can he find an eligible female?

With his beast more anxious than ever, Diego decides what he needs is some relaxation. And what better place than the Crimson Moon Hideaway?